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A Detailed Guide For A Perfect Baby shower Photoshoot

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Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. Being pregnant is worth celebrating and moments like these deserve to be captured and cherished forever. After all, there is nothing more exciting and amazing than bringing a little one into the family. The most amazing experience starts when the little one is born. And one of the best ways to mark this milestone in your family’s lives is to capture it. There is a famous saying about pictures.

Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the various aspects of a perfect maternity and baby shower photoshoot. So that you can capture your little pumpkin’s smile!

Why are baby shower photoshoots in trend?

A baby shower photoshoot is a must these days. Why miss the opportunity of capturing the most beautiful time of your life? Photographs can capture special moments like this. Life moves very fast and that is reason enough to capture every moment that you can. In earlier times there was a deep-rooted taboo about showing the “baby bump”. But so much has changed over the years. In today’s world, moms know what they want. The biggest thing is that they want their personality to reflect in their baby shower photos.

Baby photoshoots have also been in trend for a very long time. It started with Anne Geddes in the ’90s. She is famous for photographing newborns in creative ways. She sold almost 19 million books worldwide containing amazing infant pictures. The most amazing fact about Geddes is that she is a self-taught photographer. It later came in trend on a personal level by various Hollywood and Bollywood stars over the world. This is why people have started to walk out of their comfort zones and share their personal milestones on social media.

Why have a baby shower photoshoot?

baby shower photoshoot

Women go through drastic changes during pregnancy. Though it is often referred to as a” beautiful experience”. Yet the downsides of pregnancy are saddening- the swollen ankles, stretch marks, and the rollercoaster of mood swings! It is often noticed that moms tend to compare themselves to those perfect-looking Insta mama. This is why they are always in a dilemma about baby shower photoshoot poses. But one would never regret documenting this beautiful change in your body.

So here are 3 reasons why everyone mom to be should schedule a baby shower photoshoot.

  • Maternity is worth celebrating-Pregnancy earlier used to be something where the women were kept hidden in the house for 9 months so that the baby and the mother does not get jinxed. Pregnancy as it is so difficult and with no social interaction the mother often feels helpless and moody all the time. Pregnancy looks different for every woman, but for everyone, it is a beautiful time in their lives that they would want to look back at. Hence happing a baby shower shoot poses is worth every trouble.
  • It boosts confidence-Often moms avoid facing the camera for 9 months due to their ever-expanding tummy and the urge to eat almost anything in sigh-yes pregnancy cravings. But this is just one side of it. Often pregnant women often get compliments like “your glowing” this is due to the pregnancy hormones and extra blood produced by the body. It may sound absurd but dressing up for yourself and getting a photoshoot is a real stress buster! Having a baby shower photoshoot poses can make one feel powerful and sometimes that is all a mom-to-be needs to feel.
  • Something to look back at From the day you see those two red parallel lines on the stick to the day you actually hold your little cupcake in your arms- time starts to go by fast. There will be a lot of times that you find yourself saying “I miss being pregnant”. You’ll miss the pep talks with your baby bump. Having maternity photos will make it easy for your kid to understand how life was before they entered their lives. It will be worth treasuring.

Why are baby photoshoots Important?

The newborn photoshoots business is in boom now. Raising a child is a very special task and the memories of it must be preserved and cherished forever. These pictures will be a constant reminder of a couple of the beautiful times they have spent with each other. So mentioned below are 3 reasons why you should consider doing a photoshoot for your newborn child.

  • The baby years will not come back-The first few days and weeks will be gone very quickly, and you can never get those first days and weeks back. It must be kept in mind that your little one grows and changes a bit every day, so capturing his/her first days are very important.
  • Boosts the child’s self-esteem-it must sound absurd, but when your child finally grows up a little, showing them pictures of their past will help them build confidence and self-esteem. Many children often from the starting are shy and quiet. Showing them how much they mean to everyone in the family will definitely help in those initial years.
  • You will not face any regrets-There are many couples who prefer saving up rather than investing in a photoshoot for their newborn. However, in the later years, they often regret their decisions, especially during intimate family functions. Special moments and memories can never be relived but at least they can be captured and treasured forever.

Do’s and don’t of the baby shower photoshoot

With any kind of photography be it maternity, newborn, or a normal photoshoot, there are certain do’s and dont’s that one must remember at any cost. So today we’ll talk about the precautions that one must take for a baby shower photoshoot poses.

For such photoshoots, the do’s and don’t are:


  • Bring along a professional makeup and hairstylist-Pregnant women often feel uncomfortable or conscious due to their growing belly and double chin. It is your job to make them feel gorgeous. But make sure you bring in people who are polite and have worked with pregnant people.
  • Have a meeting with the client prior to the photoshoot-Knowing what the client wants is the most important thing. Sit with them and show them sample poses for the shoot, shortlist them and then work your magic. You should also ask how much nudity your client is comfortable with. Create an environment that represents her personal aesthetic.
  • Make sure she is comfortable- when shooting a more au natural make sure you cover her with a blanket when not shooting. Taking care of her privacy and making sure she is comfortable is the most important part.


  • Don’t make her move around a lot – while taking pictures photographers try 100 different poses and angles for the perfect shots, but one must remember that a pregnant woman might not approve of this. You should stick with fewer poses and try taking as many shots from different angles as possible without making the mom move too much.
  • Do not question her wardrobe choices-Make sure you plan the outfits beforehand and make the mother prepared for what’s going to happen. If she is not comfortable with a piece of clothing make sure you change the outfit rather than forcing her to try it out.
  • Don’t mess up her routine-Doing a sunset and sunrise shot may sound great. But you keep in mind that most pregnant women do not like waking up early or going home late. So you have to keep a flexible schedule that suits the mom-to-be.

You can Also Try these 6 baby shower props for your photoshoot.

How to find a photographer for your baby shower photoshoot

Maternity photographs capture the beauty of your cute baby bump and it signifies the bond the mom and the baby share in the early stages. Usually, shoots take place during the third trimester or at the beginning of the second but honestly, there is no limit to this. For a perfect Baby shower photoshoot poses you will require an excellent photographer, so mentioned below are a few tips that you must follow to have a one of a kind baby shower photoshoot poses:

  • Start your search early-Try starting early to avoid any last-minute hassle, this will also give you enough time to do your research and find the perfect photographer. You must also keep in mind the budget and make a list of the ones that fit into your budget.
  • Think about your style-When you start your search for a photographer, think about how you want your pictures to look like and what style suits your personality. Find someone whose work speaks to you. Look at their work profile and portfolio and make your decision accordingly.
  • Set up a meeting-After you’ve shortlisted your top 3 choices, set up a meeting with them. You must keep in mind that you have to be open about what you want and what your style is. The next thing to discuss is the package of the entire shoot. Also observe the photographer closely, if he/she is patient enough to deal with pregnant women and knows what specific precautions they must take. Also, enquire about the editing and the way the final photos will be delivered. Try to have regular meetings and keep the photographer informed if there have been any changes.
  • Props: The backdrops usually are a personal choice. But if you thinking of doing a photoshoot at home, you might want props to enhance the whole look. There are props today for everything. Or you can use your first child as one and have a shoot together!

Mentioned below is the link to the top 10 baby shower photoshoot poses of India for your perusal. You can check them out and take a look at their work, we are sure that you’ll find some amazing inspirations in their work portfolio.

Best Maternity Photographers in India – Top 10 featured on Canvera


Baby Shower photoshoots are a must and the mothers deserve it not for anyone but themselves. Having photos to look back at is a great feeling. So, mentioned in the blog above is everything that you need to know about these shoots.

If you want to know more about the same then you can visit our website at Celebratd, you will get a hell amount of knowledge from that.

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