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A Detailed Guide on finding the perfect Anniversary Cakes

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A very happy anniversary to you! The anniversary marks a special milestone in a couple’s life. No matter how hard the situation is, they stand by each other and always vow to be together always. The perfect way to celebrate the day of your relationship’s origin is with an anniversary cake that shows how much you care about your partner.

Everyone has their ideas about what makes an ideal anniversary cake and how to go about finding it – but how many people can manage to find the perfect anniversary cake? This will help you find your perfect anniversary cake in 6 easy steps!

The importance of cakes

” A great many things can be resolved with kindness even more with laughter, but there are some things that just require cakes.”

We all say a party without a cake is just a meeting.

As soon as you think of a celebration, the first thing that you think of is the cake. To make an event extremely good, cake usually plays a very crucial role. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, farewell, or any festival. The cake fits in perfectly. When there’s a cake in the house, it adds a lot of depth to the celebration.

What should you consider when choosing an anniversary cake?

With so many choices available, choosing an anniversary cake can be overwhelming. You have all kinds of flavors, sizes, and decorations to choose from, so what do you need to take into consideration when choosing a cake? Here are some tips without which finding the perfect anniversary cake will be a dream!


Rule out what doesn’t work

The first and the most important thing to remember while finding the perfect anniversary cake is to rule out what doesn’t work for you and your partner. Make a list of all things that you DO NOT want on your cake. From the flavor to the ingredients to the shape. For instance, the cake doesn’t even have to be made out of cake. It can be anything that you and your partners like a stack of cheese or pancakes.


Be open about your budget:

While choosing a cake the second most important thing to do is to be clear about your budget from the start. This way you will be able to save up a lot of time and choose the right cake in your budget.


  • Choosing the suitable flavor
    The most challenging step for choosing the perfect anniversary cake is to select the flavor of the cake. You have to make up your mind about whether you want the classical traditional flavors or you want people to be amazed by the uniqueness of your cake.
  • Difference between artificial flavors and natural flavors
    The FSSAI widely defines natural flavors to include any flavor isolated from natural resources like plant fabric or animal products. Artificial flavors are any flavors that are not defined as natural, even supposing they’ve got the precise identical chemical composition as flavors isolated immediately from nature. Here are some different flavoring agents for you:

Extracts– Some of the extracts that are commonly used are almond essence and vanilla essence. Extracts are not only limited to cakes, they can also be used in cookies, pastries, and many other confectionary items.

Bakery emulsions- Bakery emulsions are sometimes used in place of extracts, they are less expensive than pure extracts. The biggest factor with bakery emulsion is that the flavor remains the same even when baked unlike that of extracts.

Essences- Essences add a lot of perfumed flavor to any baked good u add it to, these essences can also be derived from flowers and fruits, to give a more defined flavor to the goods.

Seeds- Sometimes few seeds are incorporated in a few bakery items like cake and bread to add extra flavor and crunchiness, seeds are either sprinkled or incorporated in the batter while baking.

Oils- Oils have a much stronger flavor than extracts, which makes them super expensive. The flavor is usually obtained from orange, lime, and some flowers and seeds.

You also have to be well aware of the trending flavors and you have to be careful about the type of flavor you are choosing. That way, you save yourself the trouble of dealing with a few disgruntled faces.

Get yourself a taster!

Get yourself a taster box. It is usually better to take someone along for tasting the cake. It will make the cake selection process easier and Moreover, who doesn’t like free cake??? The cake should always taste as good as it looks.

Size of the cake

Usually, people are unaware of their guest list, this either leads to a lot of wastage or shortage which is obviously very embarrassing. The math here is pretty simple.

You need to keep in mind your guest list this will help you to avoid any wastage and then the order can be placed as per the required quantity.

Finding a good baker

You can follow the below steps to find the perfect baker for your anniversary cake:

1. Narrowing down your list of bakers is also a very crucial part.

2. Take advice from friends and family who have recently visited or organized an event for the best results.

3. Check the reviews of the bakers online thoroughly to avoid any mishap.

4. Leave yourself enough time so that you can do the bookings beforehand.

5. Be clear about your budget and requirements.

6. Make sure you confirm the booking 1 week prior to the big day.

7. Usually, go for bakers that are very close to your venue.

The 8 most popular flavors for Anniversary cake:

One can be easily intimidated on finding about all the myriads of flavours that exist in the cakes industry today. However, with our list of the most popular anniversary cake flavours, you can shortlist down to a select few.

Red Velvet


This is among the favorites of all couples for their special day. The rich royal red color does all the magic, and it’s a wonderful pairing with the cream cheese makes it a treat not only to the eyes but to the tongue as well.

Classic Vanilla



Believe it or not Vanilla is the most versatile flavor, as it can incorporate in it a whole other world of ingredients like lemon, fruits, chocolate, etc. It may not be unique but it sure is a crowd-pleaser.

Lemon cake


Lemon cake is a couple’s all-time favorite due to its light and tangy flavor. Pair it with some kind of berries or a simple lemon buttercream to see the magic!

Funfetti cake


Funfetti cakes not only look amazing but they also add a little fun to the party, with their colorful sprinkles inside and out. This is the perfect party cake

White chocolate with raspberry


This cake flavor is very popular among couples. The cake is perfectly balanced with its rich sweetness of white chocolate and the tartness of the raspberries.




This traditional coconut cake is a favourite amongst most people in India. This multi-layered cake is usually filled with coconut frosting or simple white frosting. The baker can also use coconut shavings, either toasted or sweetened, to top the cake.

Chocolate fudge


One can hardly find a person who doesn’t enjoy a classic fudgy chocolate cake. Chocolate like vanilla is also a very versatile flavor due to its compatibility with other flavors and ingredients.

Fruit cake


Weddings can never go wrong with a fruit cake, it has a light and airy sponge with flavored cream filled inside the layers with fresh-cut fruits. It has an elegant touch to it which most couples look for in their cake.

Where to order a customized anniversary cake online :

Don’t know how to surprise your loved ones while staying at home??

We’ve shortlisted some online sites across India from where you can order your own customized cake and gifts for your loved ones for any occasion:


Source-FLOWERAURA.COM Reviews, Feedback, Complaint, Experience, Customer Care Number –

With Floweraura you can send your loved ones anything that you wish for, from floral gifts to delicious cakes and beautiful gifts ranging from hampers to home decor to personalized gifts. ALL in one place.

They also have the facility to do shipment internationally like in the USA, Canada, and Australia


Source-Bakingo: One Click Solution to All Your Cake Needs Launched in Gurgaon (

Bakingo has to be the stop for all types of cakes for every occasion, be it an anniversary, birthday, or a festival. Bakingo has its outlets in almost all states of India, which makes it even more efficient. Check out their website for more information.


Source-Celebratd | Plan your birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other events

With Celebratd, you can make ur loved ones happy by organizing a proper event for them. At Celebratd we present you with specially curated packages for every occasion, But guess what? You can customize your own package as well!!

They provide you with anything and everything starting from cakes to flowers to photographers to specially personalized gifts. At every step of the process, dedicated personal experience manager will assist you to make your event a memorable one.

Worried about how you will surprise your loved ones during this pandemic? We’ve got you covered.

The worldwide spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted how people buy products. With the lockdown rules across India and the growing hesitation among people to go outside and shop for goods. Consequently, this has forced people to buy products online for their own safety. People have switched from shops, supermarkets, and shopping malls to online portals for the purchase of various goods, ranging from basic commodities to branded goods.

Order from any of these above-mentioned stores to surprise your loved ones during this pandemic!

Why order a customized anniversary cake?

People these days usually look for things that they can connect to, and what better than a customized cake for your loved ones?

Gone are the days when you stick to the cakes that are displayed in the bakeries, customization has become a huge trend over the years. Irrespective of the occasion or kind of cake, all custom desserts start with basic creation. Earlier than you even decide on the decorations, recollect what kind of cake you’ll want, inclusive of the taste, fillings, and icings or frostings. Next, you could jump to extra precise statistics like what occasion your dessert is for, as well as pricing and the way you can order a custom cake.

Customized cakes usually add a more beautiful atmosphere to every occasion and event. At the same time, they can make every event extra special.

Mentioned below are the top 3 reasons why people prefer customized cake :

  • Theme: With the option to customize any cake people can now set themes while keeping the flavor and other details as is. You can customize every detail on that cake according to your theme and needs. Customized cakes bring originality to the event.
  • Personality: Now you must be thinking about how cakes can add personality to your event. As we all agree, customized cakes are highly attractive. Also, It gives people a sneak-peak into your very self. Consequently, it leaves a personal touch to any event.
  • Adds a special touch: Customized cakes add a special touch to the event. They are a great gift too. Who wouldn’t like a personalized cake that represents their personality?

Some FAQs about customized anniversary cakes

1. Does customized cake taste better?

ANSWER: Yes, Usually customized cakes taste better than the mass-produced cakes at the bakeries. As they are solely baked for one person and one occasion.

2. Difference between buttercream and buttercream?

ANSWER: Buttercreme is a frosting usually made out of combining palm oil and sugar, this is usually done to make the frosting stable so that it can be stored in the bakery for a long time.

Buttercream on the other hand is purely made out of salted/unsalted butter and sugar. It cannot be stored for a very long time. Most bakers use buttercream for customized cakes.

3. What types of cakes are usually there under customized cakes?

ANSWER: Edible image theme cakes, fondant cake, cool animated film theme cakes, 3D theme cake, wedding theme cake etc. At the same time, theme cake for females such as Barbie shaped cake, pinata cakes are also creating a lot of buzz.

4. Are customized cakes more expensive than the usual ones?

ANSWER: Yes, customized cakes are more expensive than the usual ones as they are one-of-a-kind. The ingredients used in the batter are of better quality than the ones mass-produced to sell in the bakery. Every custom cake takes up a lot of time and effort of the baker, as they have to be specific about the details that their clients want.


Choosing the perfect anniversary cake can be difficult, especially if you’re looking to surprise your spouse or significant other with something thoughtful and beautiful that they’ll remember forever. It doesn’t have to be hard! You just need to take a few considerations into account when selecting the cake of your dreams, follow the steps mentioned above and surprise your loved ones with the cake of their dreams!



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