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A detailed guide on finding the right plant gifts

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Plants add a lot of positivity to the house, they add a touch of nature to our homes. Do you want to give your loved ones beautiful plant gifts, that is long-lasting and that also adds a lot of value to the environment? Are you confused about the different types of plants, their benefits, and which ones are the best suited for gifting? Then you’re in the right place.

“Plants add years to your life and life to your years”

Have you ever noticed that our brains automatically start to relax when we are around plants, do you know why? This happens because humans have a tendency to seek connections with nature also called biophilia.

Take a look at this detailed guide on finding the right plant to give.

Where to find the right plant gifts?

We usually think of visiting a nursery whenever we have to purchase plants, but how do we differentiate between a good nursery and a bad one?

Mentioned below are a few tips on the mistakes we do while buying a plant from a nursery:

Plant nurseries near you

A nursery is a part of agricultural land where plants are nurtured, grown and sold to the common people or for commercial purposes. Their main purpose is to provide saplings to households, farms, gardens, and for conservation.

Setting up a nursery is a very long-term process, the location of a nursery is usually far from the main city, due to pollution and the bad quality of water. To run a nursery one must have proper machinery and manpower. It is mainly labour-intensive, skilled and requires knowledgeable labourers. This ensures maintenance of the nursery as well as good seedling production in the nursery.

There are many types of nurseries like,

Few tips that you must remember while purchasing plant gifts from a nursery, these tips ensure that you buy quality plants:

  • Quality of the plant nurseries- The moment you step inside a nursery, you’ll come to know how things are in the nursery and the quality of the plants that they are providing, you must take a tour of the nursery and talk to the staff and try and ask them some basic questions, this will help you get an idea of how experienced the staff is. If you find something fishy about the nursery then move on to the next one.
  • Leaf- Looking at the leaf will give you the perfect idea of whether you should purchase from that particular nursery or not. Healthy plants have shiny green leaves but If you notice brown, yellow patches or bumps on the leaves, do not go for it.
  • Avoid leggy and scrawny plants –It is always advisable to avoid leggy and scrawny plants, as they may easily break in the wind. This usually happens due to insufficient sunlight or overuse of fertilizers and pesticides. Plants like this attract pests into your garden, which might affect the healthy plants in your garden.
  • Looking out for pests and diseases- Another way to quickly tell if a plant is healthy or not is by closely inspecting it for pests and diseases, you just have to look out for black spots and holey leaves. These indicate that the staff does not pay close attention to maintaining the quality of the plants.
  • Looking out for weeds and grass- The presence of weeds and grass also indicates that the staff is not taking care of the plants properly. As weeds and grass usually deplete the plant of nutrients, even if one removes them, the plants are at high risk of dying after a few days or maybe months.
  • Examine the roots – Examining the roots also plays a very vital role in this whole process, make sure you check the roots before buying the plants. Look out for soft or brown color roots as these indicate that the plant is not at all healthy, never choose a plant with underdeveloped roots as they have high chances of dying after or during transplantation.

Online plant gifts companies

Before you decide to purchase plant gifts online, here are a few tips that might help you choose the best plants to gift your loved ones:

  • Customer reviews: Whenever we decide on a product to buy online, we usually look at the reviews and ratings. You should do the same here. Make sure you go through the customer reviews thoroughly, Reading the reviews will help you find out if that particular plant is worth buying or not.
  • Growing requirement –Never overlook the growing requirement of the plant, that is the first thing one must do before purchasing a plant gift online. You should be well aware of the type of soil it needs, the amount of water it requires, sunlight intake eṭc. These details will help you choose a good plant for yourself and for others to give.
  • Keep in mind the growing zone of plants- You must buy the plant keeping in mind its placement in the house. All plants have different requirements, some do not need direct sunlight. Hence, you should keep plants like these inside the house.
  • Check the return policy-One must always check the seller’s return policy, always look for sellers who are ready to take full responsibility for the refund. If the delivered plant is in an unacceptable condition, return or exchange it for a new one.
  • Keep in mind the proper planting type for some varieties-For you to successfully see your plant grow, you must be well aware of the proper planting time of the plants. Do some research about the plants that you would like to buy and then go forward with it if the planting time matches.

Mentioned below are the 3 best online stores to purchase plants from:

  • Flower auraFloweraura Pune


Flower aura has a wide network and is almost located in every state of India. It has plants categorized by occasion and price for your convenience. It not only had flowers and plants but also a variety of gifting items.

  • Ugaoo
Ugaoo plant gifts


Ugaoo has a wide variety of plants, the most commendable thing about their services is their quality. Its CEO Siddhant Bhalinge, with a post-grad degree in Landscape Architecture, had sown the seeds of this idea.

  • Amazon


As we all know, Amazon has almost everything from a pin to a phone. It is the king of online shopping and has a great variety of houseplants as well.

Why should we give someone plant gifts?

Plant gifts

Plants are very special gifts and every plant has its own meaning and importance. It is a thoughtful gift and people consider them as one of the best gifts for every occasion whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or housewarming, plants fit in perfectly. Plants also make a great return gift for any occasion. If you wish to read more about finding the perfect return gift, do check out our detailed guide:

The Ultimate Guide on Finding the Right Return Gifts

Giving a plant gifts is a way of showing your love for plants and giving this as a present means that it can be enjoyed by your loved ones for many years.

  • Good for health: Due to the pandemic, we have been in our houses for a very long time, keeping a plant on your work desk or anywhere in the house, will freshen the air around you, so Gifting a plant to someone means that you care about them, as different plants have different health benefits, and it purifies the air around you.
  • Brings positive energy- Plants have a very positive influence on your mood. They bring positive energy to the house, with their magical air-purifying qualities and their aesthetics, also they push people to feel more alive and active throughout the day and keep them relaxed.
  • Plants diffuse noise: Living a city life at one point becomes very frustrating, due to the excess pollution, the sound of cars zipping, construction happening all around.

The fun fact is that outdoor plants, keep the extra noise levels down. We can accomplish the same with indoor plants. They eliminate the excess outside noise and give us a more peaceful and relaxed environment.

  • They last for a very long time- Most of our gifts are either rendered useless or are outdated after a certain point. But giving someone plant gifts lasts for a very long time, till the receivers take proper care of it and nurture it.
  • Perfect for every occasion- Well you must be wondering what is the perfect occasion for gifting a plant? Then the answer is simple, you can give plants on any occasion, it is a gift of respect and trust.

What should you consider before giving plant gifts?

But there are a few things we must consider before giving someone a plant like a receiver’s ability to care for the plant, size, allergies( if any ), etc.

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind before gifting a plant to your loved ones.

  • Gift plants that are easy to grow- If you are gifting a plant to someone and you know that they don’t know much about plants, then make sure you gift them something that doesn’t require much care and attention. Otherwise, you can always choose another gift from this detailed blog.
  • Consider giving pet-friendly plants- Most of the households these days have pets, so while choosing plant gifts you must do your research about plants that are harmful or not pet friendly.
  • Provide growing instructions- When gifting a plant make sure you make a personalized “growing instruction tag” this must include the water requirements per day, sunlight intake, etc for the proper care of the plant.
  • Consider the growing requirements of the plant- Lastly, When purchasing a plant you must be well aware of whether the plant will survive in that particular environment or not. You must also think about the person whom you’re gifting the plant to. If they have a garden, the next time you visit, ask them questions about the type of plants they like and have so that you can give them something that suits their garden.

What are some famous plant varieties?

Creeper plants

Creepers are small vine-like plants with weak steam. Hence, they grow along the ground, around another plant, or up a wall. They need some kind of support to grow, as they are very fragile and can’t stand without any support.

Here are some great creeper plants to gift:

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Sweet Autumn Clematis plant gifts


This beautiful vine has shiny, dark green leaves with beautiful small white flowers that have a very sweet smell, they are perfect for a home garden. Its beautiful fragrance and white little flowers add a lot of beauty and charm to the house or garden.


They need moist and well-drained soil, they need proper light and shade for healthy growth. They usually bloom during summer and fall.


Mandevilla plant gift online


Mandevilla is a very low maintenance plant and it also attracts hummingbirds. It has beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers that come in a variety of colors like red, pink, white, and yellow. It enhances the look of the garden.

Requirements: Mandevilla creeper requires a warm temperature and indirect sunlight throughout the day. It should have well-drained and moist soil, proper fertilizers and nutrients must be used for its healthy growth.


Bougainvillaea plant gifts


It is an ornamental vine, also called a paper flower. They have a stiff stem with thorns, they add a pop of color to the garden, they come in pink, peach, purple, orange, white, red, and yellow.

Requirement-It requires proper sunlight every day, the soil must be gritty and well-drained, it is low maintenance as after a year it does not require water every day.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory plant gifts


The bright-colored flower has a little fragrance to it and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. They close up at night and then unfold when the sun hits, Hence the name – Morning glory. They come in different colors like purple, pink, blue, white

Requirements: You must plant this one in full light, they require well-drained moist soil for their bloom. They need their proper dose of fertilizers every four-five weeks. Their bloom time is summer, fall.

Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon Creeper plant


It has a fruity and sweet smell, the flower color varies from white, red, and pink. After the pollination of flowers, we also get to see small fruits on them.

Requirement- It is a tropical plant and loves direct sunlight and a moderate amount of water. It does not usually survive in colder regions. It requires well-drained and loamy soil.

Indoor plants for oxygen

Choose any of the below-mentioned plants to give your loved ones, giving these plant gifts will help them improve their health and the indoor environment of their house with these fresh plants.

Spider plant

Spider plant



It is one of the best options to gift your loved ones, as it is pretty low maintenance. Anyone with basic knowledge of plants can take care of this plant. It absorbs toxic chemicals from the environment and produces a good amount of oxygen into the air.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily plant gifts



Also known as a white flag, is one of the few indoor houseplants that produce flowers even in low light, it absorbs chemicals like benzene, xylene from the air and releases a large amount of oxygen into the air.

Lady’s palm

Lady's palm plant


Lady’s palm has another name – bamboo palm. It makes an excellent house plant, is a medium-sized palm and is dense. They don’t require a lot of pruning. Hence they survive well indoors.

Gerbera daisy

Gerbera daisy plant


Gerbera daisies are colorful plants. Also known as Transvaal daisies, they can reach a height of 10-24 inches, and have the ability to produce a large volume of oxygen.


Orchid plant


Orchids release oxygen at night which makes them the best indoor plant for bedrooms, it lightens up the space and has a sweet fragrance, they are very adaptable and can grow in almost every condition, which makes them the best plant gift to give your loved ones.

Outdoor plants to gift

Plants deserve a special place in our homes, whether you are a beginner or a true plant parent, get these amazing green friends to add a little extra personality to your garden and home


Hydrangeas plant


Hydrangeas flowers are truly stunning and add a touch of color to the garden, these beautiful color globes come in different varieties of color, and are perfect for gifting someone. Fall is the best time to plant hydrangeas, they are not a fan of direct sunlight, so they require a shed to grow properly. Also, they best grow in soil containing organic matter.


Portulaca plant gifts

Another name for Portulaca is moss rose and can grow up to 8 inches. Portulaca flowers usually grow in sandy and well-drained soil. It is a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t require much care.

Russelia Equisetiformis

Russelia Equisetiformis plant


These are beautiful ornamental shrubs, they have long arching branches, and they have a beautiful coral red color, which makes them more appealing. It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

Air-purifying plants

In today’s world, the most difficult thing is to keep ourselves healthy, with the growing population and the growing pollution, this seems like a dream. Do you want to give your loved ones something that represents your love and care for them and their family? Choose from any of these best air purifying plant gifts- these plants absorb all the toxins from the air and release a good amount of oxygen. This is a long-term approach to reduce the pollution levels in the near future. They don’t require much space. Hence, you can place them near the windows or in your bedroom.

Indian basil

Indian basil plant


Commonly known as tulsi, it is one of the best air-purifying plants. It is also considered auspicious in almost every Indian household and has a lot of medicinal properties. It requires direct sunlight and water regularly.

English ivy

English ivy plant gifts


English Ivy acts as a ground cover, it reaches up to 8 inches of height. It needs proper care and maintenance as it attracts pests. It should be kept out of reach from children and pets. English Ivy has beautiful green leaves and produces oxygen in abundance.

Rubber plant

Rubber plant gifts


It has oval-shaped shiny emerald green leaves and is best suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. It is low maintenance and requires minimum care.

What are some great foliage plant gifts?

Whenever we think of plants, we usually think about their beautiful flowers and their color varieties. But there are a lot of plants that have their wow factors, not in their flowers but in their leaves. These types of plants are foliage plants. These plants have decorative, and very interesting leaves.

Mentioned below are 4 great foliage plants gift :

Aralia plant

Aralia plant gifts


Aralia plants vary in size and shape, They are of different types like Angelica tree, Devil’s walking stick, etc. But they all require the same care, aralia plants require well-drained soil and a shade as direct sunlight can burn the foliage. They need regular water during the dry season. But in winters they require irrigation only twice a month.

Cassava plant

Cassava plant gifts


Its shrubby large leaves add an ornamental touch to your garden. They are usually harvested for their leaves and tubers. A starchy substance called tapioca is extracted from its tubers, it is a food source in many places. Cassava plant requires sandy and loamy well-drained soil, along with a good amount of sunlight daily, it also has white color flowers.


Canna plant


Canna indica has beautiful huge leaves with red stripes, and they have flowers in yellow, red, and orange. Many gardeners remove the flower stalks so that it draws attention more to the leaves. Canna loves water and needs to regularly be irrigated.


Caladiums plant gifts


They are also called angel’s wings, since they look truly mesmerizing in the garden, due to their unique leaf pattern. They come in a combination of green, white, red, and pink. Caladiums prefer indirect sunlight, they need a proper amount of water and have to be watched for dry soil.

What are some great flowering plants gifts?

Flowering plants make a great gift to a plant lover. People get attached to such plants. At the same time, they can also expect beautiful flowers from your gifted plants. If you wish to gift someone some great flowers, do checkout our detailed guide on the same:

A Detailed Guide on Finding the Right Flowers to Gift

Champa plant/Plumeria

Plumeria plant


The Champa plant is highly fragrant during the evening, it has beautiful flowers in white, yellow, and pink, they have very shiny leaves and thick stems. They require minimum care and can be kept indoors close to the windows for a beautiful sweet fragrance. They require light and they should be provided with fertilizers every 2-3 weeks. It is also used in a lot of Indian religious ceremonies, especially for Goddess Laxmi. It also has some medicinal properties.

Lily plant/Lilium

Lily plant gifts online


Lillies may require more care and patience but their bloom is worth every effort, they have different varieties like Easter lily, Madonna lily, Lollipop Lily, etc. There are a lot of plants with “lily” in the name, but they are not “true lilies.” True lilies grow in the genus Lilium.

African Violet

African Violet plant gifts


It is the most elegant house plant, they have thick green fuzzy leaves with beautiful flowers ranging from white, blue, and purple. they bloom best when given indirect light, they have a soft stem so remember not to overwater them.

Scented Geranium

Scented Geranium plant


These scented geraniums do flower, but they are often loved for their attractive and sweetly scented foliage, they have flowers ranging from white, red, and shades of pink.


Jasmine plant


The best time to plant jasmine is between June and November since they require well-drained and loamy soil. They are considered as a wonderful gift, due to their elegant flowers and pleasant smell.

Some other plant gifts

Money plant Benefits


Money plant gifts


If we talk about money plant benefits then, it is believed to bring good fortune when kept in the right direction. Additionally, it is believed that it must be kept in the “southeast “direction of the house. It also brings a lot of positive energy to the house and is considered a good air purifier.

3 money plant benefits :

  • Reduces stress and anxiety-Keeping money plants at home reduces stress and anxiety, they eliminate the negative energy and release stress, it also helps to improve sleep and infuses the body with a calm aura.
  • Brings fortune: The money plant benefits is believed to bring fortune. It is also known as Feng shui in India and is very popular among Indians.
  • Acts as an air purifier: It is often believed that money plants are more beneficial indoors rather than outdoors, it is ideal for removing toxins from the air and it releases fresh air which is beneficial for our health. It is considered one of the best gifts.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo plant online


As much as it looks and grows like bamboo it is not real bamboo, it is a sign of fortune prosperity in china and is related to feng shui. It can also be used as an aquarium plant, it cleans and purifies water, requires minimum care and attention, and is the best house plant to gift your loved ones.


Bonsais plant gifts


They are referred to as your lifelong companion, if bonsai is well taken care of, it may outlive you. It is also known to maintain the humidity indoors and acts as an air purifier too. When thinking of gifting a bonsai tree you must remember that it takes a lot of patience and hard work to grow a healthy bonsai. But once you see them growing it is worth all the patience and hard work.

Jade plant

Jade plant gifts


The Jade plant is a succulent houseplant and is very easy to grow indoors. It grows very slowly over the years. Also, the best grow in warm dry conditions and have thick fleshy leaves. It also has a lot of health benefits, especially for the skin. It is one of the best gifts for a housewarming since it is considered to bring luck and fortune.

What accessories go well with plant gifts?

Wooden Plant stand

Wooden Plant stand gifts


Gifting a plant stand to your gardener friends would be one way of showing that you appreciate their love for plants, getting a good plant stand is the best choice as they can show off their beautiful plants this way during parties at home or any other event. These plant stands can be used on the balcony as well.

Hanging flower pots

Hanging flower pots gifts


Hanging baskets can add a rustic and beautiful touch to any garden, hanging baskets can be used outdoors as well as indoors on the balcony or in the living room to add a pop of color and life to your space.

Plant mister

Plant mister gifts


Plant misters are basically used to provide a small amount of water to the plants and the soil, to keep it moist throughout the day. They also help in cleaning the leaves of the plants, you can also add your fertilizer solution and spray from it. Gifting a good-looking plant mister will definitely make your gardener friends smile.


Choosing a plant as a gift is the smartest choice. It makes our hearts full and also has loads of health benefits as we have mentioned above. It’s their simplicity, growth, and low maintenance nature that makes them such a perfect gift for almost every occasion. Gifting a plant helps express a lot of emotion, care and love. And not only does it have millions of health benefits, but it also acts as wonderful home decor and adds a lot of personality to the space.



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