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A detailed guide to awesome anniversary decoration at home

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Anniversaries are one of those occasions where couples usually want to have a very elaborate celebration. It is considered as the celebration of love. This is why every couple wants this day to be special and memorable. While it is very common to book a hotel or go out and celebrate this day. But it has been 2 years that the entire world is compromising and abiding by the rules of social distancing due to the covid19-pandemic.

While we’re playing our part at social distancing, celebrating these milestones like anniversaries, birthdays and even weddings are very important. Celebrating these important days at home may not have been your original plan, but it surely gives you an opportunity to get creative and have fun!

Anniversary Decoration at home may sound like a very complicated task. But with a little effort and the right ideas, it becomes a very easy surprise to pull. Moreover, it helps create the perfect ambiance that we look for outside our homes.

Don’t know what to give your partner this anniversary? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our special blogs about anniversary gifts and cakes. Click on the links mentioned below and surprise your partner this anniversary!

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What are the 3 Benefits of Celebrating Your Anniversary At Home?

  • Budget-friendly -Celebrating any event at home will help you save a lot more than you expect. You don’t have to go through the hassle of booking venues, vendors and caterers. You can spend a less and have double the fun at home!
  • No time restraint-Most of the venues have a time restraint, which can be very irritating when you have especially paid for your favorite band or DJ. Moreover, after a certain point, you also have to pack up and leave the venue which has an impact on the celebration. But when you decide to party at home, there is no time restraint and everyone has the chance to have fun without the fear of being kicked out!
  • Privacy and safer-A venue usually takes up 2-3 parties on the same day as it is beneficial for them. But this act hampers the privacy of one’s celebration. This is why having a party at home gives the family all the privacy they need and it is much safer for the children as well.

We’ve also got special ideas on how to make your parent’s anniversary memorable- refer to our blog on- Best 25th Anniversary Surprises For Your Parents.

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Top 5 Anniversary Decoration Ideas To Do At Home

Mentioned below are 5-anniversary decoration ideas at home that you can easily do. It can be anywhere- inside the house, in the backyard, or the terrace. All you need is a little bit of effort and dedication and you’re good to go. With these anniversary decoration ideas, you can transform your home into your dream location!

Anniversary Balloon Decoration

The simple room decor


Materials required:

  • Heart helium foil balloons
  • Happy anniversary foil balloon
  • Metallic normal heart balloons
  • Heart cut out hangings
  • Fresh red roses
  • Fairy lights

Create this simple yet elegant look for your partner this anniversary. You could also elevate the look with some rose petals and make a pathway to the room and add some LED candles leading the way to the room.

Cabana room setup


Materials required:

  • White transparent cloth
  • Rose petals
  • LED candles
  • Fairy lights
  • Couple pictures
  • Red and white balloons

Create this beautiful cabana arrangement at home without any help. It is simple and budget-friendly and is sure to put a smile on your partner’s face.

Family Picnic Party-


This beautiful picnic setup can be done anywhere. All you need is an open space. Invite your family over to have a fun picnic anniversary date!

Rustic table arrangement


Create this simple and elegant table arrangement anniversary decoration at home for your partner. All you need is:

  • Green leaves
  • White balloons along with tassels
  • Gypsy flower
  • Glass vases
  • a white table cloth
  • Rose gold Love foil balloons

Crazy in love


Are you a fan of metallic balloons? Well then this classy combination of silver,rose gold, and black will surely catch your eye. It is simple and can be done at any corner of the house.

Flower Decoration for Anniversary

Flowers can liven up any decor, it adds color and vibrancy to the decor. You can be extra creative with flowers, as they range in colors. Here are a few beautiful anniversary setups for surprising your special one!

The ring backdrop


This beautiful ring backdrop requires nothing but beautiful flowers and lights. You could hire professionals to do this elegant setup. You can customize it from the color to the flowers to the positioning of the entire setup, according to your needs and likings.

Romantic terrace decor


This beautiful dinner setup under the moons and stars is perfect for a surprise anniversary date. You can customize the entire setup according to your partner’s likings. A little magic of fairy lights and the beautiful fragrance of flowers and you’re good to go for a perfect date night with your partner!

A house filled with flowers


Create this beautiful floral setup keeping in mind the favorite flower of your partner.

Outdoor Floral Arrangement


Create this vibrant floral setup for your partner this anniversary. It is a complete outdoor arrangement and will only look good in an open space. To make it look more intimate and personal, you could also customize your initials.

In the woods

Source-Wattpad Resimleri 2 – Nina – Wattpad

You can create a vibe of camping in the woods with this beautiful and rustic setup. Grab your pj’s and have this warm and cozy dinner date with your partner. To Give it a more realistic look, you could also light a bonfire.

Movie night decoration for anniversary

As we all know due to the covid-19 protocols, no movie theaters have not been functional for a very long time. In times like these, why not convert our homes into movie halls and have a wonderful and cozy experience at home with our family and friends.

Indoor movie setup :

Source- | agopri

Create this simple movie night set up at home, all you need is to create a romantic ambiance with scented candles, lights, and rose petals. Watch your favorite movie and enjoy a beautiful anniversary evening with your partner.

Outdoor movie setup

Source- (

You can have a more upscale movie night experience with a beautifully curated snack table for you and your partner. Have this set up on the terrace or in the backyard for a more magical experience!

Lights and Candles setup

Source- (

This rustic romantic candle night dinner setup is to die for. You can easily create this setup at your home, or on the balcony. Prepare their favorite meal and turn on some soothing music and have a wonderful cozy date night at home.

Boho themed Anniversary decor

Source- Simple Means Events

This boho setup gives a very chic and tropical vibe. It is light, airy, and romantic. Having this setup outside in a quiet place will fulfill its purpose.

The ultimate DIY Anniversary decor

Staying at home has surely given us all an opportunity to get creative. Why not make an entire anniversary setup for your partner and make their day special? Click on the links below to get amazing DIY decoration ideas for anniversaries.

Mentioned below is the step by step guide for romantic anniversary decor:

Materials required for the above setup:

  • Links of Items
  • Red balloons
  • Golden Curtains
  • Tea light Candles
  • Artificial rose petals
  • I LOVE YOU Foil Balloon
  • Shimmer curtains
  • Lights
  • Balloon Stand
  • Transparent sequin balloons

Step 1: Inflate your balloons with the help of a pump or a balloon blowing machine. You either choose metallic heart balloons or normal ones as shown in the picture below. Tie the end of the balloons with red ribbon tassels.

Step 2: Place the golden shimmer curtains on the wall you would like to decorate. Place the I LOVE YOU foil balloons in between the shimmer curtains, as shown in the picture below. Use warm colored fairy lights to create a romantic ambience.

Step 3: Gather around 1-2 kgs of rose petals and LED candles. Make a pathway with rose petals and candles to give it an elegant look

Source- Surprise For Husband At Home | Romantic Room Decoration | Kavya

Step 4: The end result would look something like this. You could also arrange a table for keeping the gifts and cake. Spread rose petals over the table or keep a simple floral table top arrangement.

For a more detailed description, click on the mentioned link below

Surprise For Husband At Home | Romantic Room Decoration | Kavya


Anniversaries are all about re-creating special moments that you and your partner have spent over the years. Creating romantic chic setups at home will show how much you care and how much time and effort you have put into this. While the entire world is afraid to step out, why not turn our homes into entertainment centers? Having parties with family at home has its own beautiful and warm vibe. Try creating the above-mentioned beautiful and romantic anniversary setup at home for your partner.

Want a platform from where you can get these above-mentioned setups done in no time?

Visit celebratd and let their experts help you out!




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