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How To Plan A Mickey Mouse Theme Birthday?

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Going with a theme always adds magic to the celebration, it becomes a whole new experience for your little monkey’s big day. It becomes very difficult for parents to keep up with their child’s birthday expectations.

Do you want to surprise your kid and make this the best birthday that he/she had? Nothing can be better than the classic Mickey mouse birthday theme kit. Choosing this adorable character for your little mouse might do the magic!

Mentioned below in this blog we have all that you need to know about the Mickey mouse birthday theme – from the decor to the food and the gifts.

What is the Mickey Mouse Birthday Theme?

Mickey Mouse is also known as Mickey Theodore Mouse. Mickey Mouse was created as a replacement for Oswald the lucky rabbit. This cartoon was created by Disney but was owned by Universal Pictures. Winkler Pictures owner, Charles Mintz acted as a middleman between Disney and universal. But due to some conflicts between Disney and Charles Mintz company, Disney cut ties with Oswald.

After making the last and final Oswald cartoons Disney started brainstorming for a new character to launch. Ub Iwerks, at last, got inspiration from a mouse at his desk at Laugh-O-Gram Studio in Kansas City, Missouri.

In 1928 Disney produced it’s first silent cartoon-plane crazy starring its very new character-Mickey mouse. But it failed to entertain the audience. Also, the second Mickey Mouse cartoon, The Gallopin’ Gaucho, didn’t receive any love from the audience. Then came Steamboat Willie, the first animation to feature synchronized music and sound effects. It finally got the attention and love it needed.

Disney instantly started a line, and within two years they came up with Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Their supporting characters included- Minnie ( Micky’s girlfriend), his pet dog Pluto, his two friends Donald duck and goofy, and his nemesis Pete.

Finally, in 1935, a young animator named Fred Moore gave Mickey his first makeover.

How to get a Mickey Mouse Theme Birthday Decoration?

To make sure the detailing is perfect one must jot down everything that is needed for this theme. It always comes down to the detailing. So, whether you’re planning to play hostess or hiring professionals -you need to pay close attention to the details like the banners, food counters, dress, cake, etc. You can purchase most of these things online at Amazon. However, if you want to stay on budget you can take inspiration from DIY videos on Youtube as well as Pinterest.

DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday Theme Decoration

Mentioned below are everything that you need to set a mickey mouse-themed birthday party at your house.

Birthday BannerMickey Mouse Birthday Theme banner

Source-Amazon. in: Toys & Games

Grab this cute mickey mouse birthday cake theme banner from Amazon. It can be very simple and easy to make too.

BackdropBackdrop mickey mouse birthday theme

Source- Toys & Games

Get this ready-made customizable backdrop flex from amazon. You can customize it according to what you want and use this as a backdrop for your mickey themed house birthday party. Or if you have a very strict budget, you can stick with a red and white shimmer curtain. Also you cute use a white cloth as a backdrop with mickey cutouts and stickers.

Balloonsmickey mouse birthday theme Balloons

Source- Toys & Games

Go for loads of red white and black balloons. Also, add these golden confetti balloons along with the mickey mouse-shaped foil balloons, to sum up, the look.

Custom Invitations

mickey mouse birthday theme Custom Invitations

Source-Amazon. in Toys & Games

Get these custom invitations made from amazon for your little monkey’s birthday. Or you can also make it yourself at home! There are thousands of DIY handmade cards online for you to make.

Cake Toppersmickey mouse birthday theme Cake Toppers

Source-Birthday Cake Topper: Home & Kitchen

If you want to stay on budget, baking the cake yourself is the safest choice. Not all of you are professional bakers who can easily come up with a Mickey mouse birthday theme cake. But you can surely play around with cake toppers to bring out the look of the cake. Get this beautiful mickey mouse birthday theme cake topper and place it over your plain yet the tasty home-baked cake.


mickey mouse birthday theme Props

Source- Mickey Mouse Theme: Home & Kitchen

Double up the level of the party by giving your guests some mickey mouse birthday cake props. These must be kept near the photo booth area and can be used by the kids to carry around or click pictures in.

Paper cupcake standPaper cupcake stand for mickey mouse birthday theme | Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcake Stand: Decorative Cake Toppers: Cupcake Stands

Look at this beautiful mickey themed paper 3 tier cupcake stand. It is perfect for keeping in at a kid’s party, as it reduces the risk of crockery damage.

Mickey Mouse Theme polka dots party decoration

mickey mouse birthday theme

Source- (

Here is a super cool and beautiful polka dot setup for your kid’s birthday party. How awesome does the “1” look!?. Get this setup done through professionals and customize it according to your liking.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Theme open garden birthday party decorationmickey mouse birthday theme decoration


Look at this beautiful mickey mouse birthday theme setup done in the open space. The greenery around enhances the look and livens the whole setup. Doing a kid’s party in any type of open garden or space makes it even more fun and exciting.

Black and white Mickey Mouse birthday theme setup

Black and white Mickey Mouse birthday theme


Take a break from the classic red and black combination for a mickey themed birthday. Look at this chic and elegant mickey mouse birthday theme setup. Not every day do we see a black and white mickey themed setup. It would definitely surprise your little guests too.

Pink Minnie themed birthday setup for girlsPink Mickey mouse birthday theme


Look at this beautiful setup for your baby girl. You can have this exclusively for cake cutting and the munchies.

Simple DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake setup

Simple DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday theme

Look at this cute DIY setup. Everything in the setup from the backdrop to the frills can be made at home. It is a budget-friendly option for a mickey themed birthday party.

Mickey Mouse Theme Cake Designs

Red and white polka dot mickey mouse birthday cake Mickey Mouse Birthday Theme Cake Designs


This classic cake design will surely win hearts. The usage of fondant makes this cake look so clean and appealing.

The Mickey Mouse Birthday cupcake Mickey Mouse Birthday cupcake

Source-Parenting Articles | All4Women

It’s a huge cupcake cake! This unique design is worth all the money and effort for your little mickey.

Solid black mickey mouse birthday cake Solid black mickey mouse birthday cake


This towering cake has a unique comic-like design printed on the cake. The huge cut out of mickey looks amazing, but the topper does all the magic for this beautiful cake.

Minnie Mickey Mouse Birthday cakeMinnie Mickey Mouse Birthday cake


The most amazing thing about this one is the choice of colors. Not every day do we see such a subtle color combination for a child’s birthday party. The hint of gold does all the magic in its appearance.

Ear Mickey Mouse Birthday CakeEar Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake


This simple mickey cake is perfect when you want to take a break from the over-the-top birthday cakes.

Mickey Mouse Theme Return Gift Ideas

Mickey mouse table clock

Mickey mouse birthday table clock

Source-Mickey Mouse Theme Party Return Gifts (Blue) Online at Low Prices in India –

Grab these cute and adorable table clocks as a return gift for your little guests. You can also find different colors like pink and red in them.

Mickey mouse Projector watch

Mickey mouse birthday cake Projector watch

Source-Buy Mickey Mouse Projector Watch for Boy and Girl Online Amazon.

These cute and fun projector watches are surely something that a mickey fan would want. It has 28 projection grids and the kids will surely love this, it also can be used as a regular wristwatch.

Mickey-shaped pencil case

Mickey-shaped pencil case


These cute and adorable mickey-shaped stationary cases come in different colors and are the perfect return gifts for the kids. It also has a pencil, eraser, and ruler. You could also add in some other things to make it a complete set.

Mickey-themed exam board

Mickey-themed exam board Office Products

Getting them these themed exam pads will help them with exam stress. Grab these for your next Mickey-themed party.

Mickey water sippers

Mickey mouse birthday theme water sippers

Source-Cute disney sipper –

Get these adorable water sippers for the kids. It looks very attractive and is a very useful gift for the kids.

Other Mickey Mouse Theme Props

Food plates and glassesMickey Mouse birthday Theme Props

Source-Complete Mickey Themed Table Set for 10 Includes Cups | Etsy India

Grab these cute party supplies for your mickey themed birthday party. If you don’t want to spend getting these customized. You can also make these easily at home, all you need is black plates, and red cups. You can add in the extra elements at home with hard paper.

DIY mickey birthday hats

DIY mickey mouse birthday theme hats

Source-Sew Woodsy

Make these birthday hats at home. Click on the link mentioned and get a complete guide on how to make these cute mickey hats.

DIY Minnie and Mickey Mouse Party Hats – Sew Woodsy

Mickey straws

Mickey mouse birthday theme straws

Source-– Baby Shower Ideas 4U

You could also add some fun to the straws by attaching mickey cut-outs.

Goodies bag mickey mouse birthday theme Goodies bag


Are you thinking of giving away goodie bags as a token of appreciation ?? Make sure you customize them as well, buy plain brown bags and customize these at home. For the girls add a tiny bow on the bag for a more enhanced look.

Party treats

 mickey mouse birthday theme Party treats


Create these cute party treat bags for takeaway. Add candies and fun treats. These can be used as a replacement for expensive goodie bags and return gifts.


We hope that this blog has made things easy and clear for you. We’ve shared an amazing range of setups, gifts, cake, and props for your reference. All the things mentioned in the blog are budget-friendly. So are you ready to throw your little monkey, the best mickey mouse themed birthday party ever!?

Visit Celebratd and let their experts help you out!


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