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How to plan a Minion themed birthday?

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BELLO! Are you looking for a simple and fun party theme for your kid’s birthday? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. In this blog, we talk about the one cartoon that is liked by both kids and adults-Minions. Planning a Minion themed birthday party is an easy task. All you have to do is get the colors right-yellow and blue for the boys and pink and yellow for the girls.

Minions have become famous over time. So, if you’re kid is a minion fan then go for this amazing Minion birthday party blog. We’ve specially picked up some decor ideas among other things related to this cute theme for your convenience. Because we Tulalillo ti amo!

What is the minion theme?

So, what is a minion? By now everyone knows about these adorable and cute yellow creatures. They dress in blue overalls and have goggles. Minions are an entertainment industry powerhouse. Their wide-eyed innocence has won all our hearts!

These tiny yellow creatures were first featured in Despicable Me ( Released in 2010) and Despicable Me 2(Released in 2013), they shook the audience with their unique character.

The announcement that the minions would get their own spin-off was not a surprise, it was done in July 2012 by universal pictures and illumination entertainment. The movie was later released in 2015 directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda. It also won the people’s choice award in the category of Favorite Family Film.

A sequel, titled Minions: The Rise of Gru and is scheduled to be released on July 1, 2022.


For your little minions’ birthday party you need to go through all the things that you need for the perfect minion birthday party. Take a look at these simple decor ideas. Most of which you can easily find on amazon. If you want to stay on budget you could take inspiration from some of the ideas online and create your own minion DIY setup!

Minion Themed Decoration Ideas From Amazon

Birthday bannerMinion Themed birthday Decoration

Source-WoW Party Studio Minion Theme Happy Birthday Toys & Games

For the theme to really show, make sure you get these cute customized minion themed birthday banners. It could be placed at the back of the cake table wall. If you have a heavy backdrop then it could also be hung on the front of the cake table.

Personalized birthday banner Personalized minion themed birthday banner

Source-: Toys & Games

Grab these personalized birthday banners from amazon with your birthday boy/girl’s name.


minion themed birthday Backdrop

Source-Glitz Party Factory Minions Theme Birthday Party Decorative Backdrop Banner Premium : Toys & Games

Get these customizable flexes online for the perfect backdrop look. If you want to stay on budget you could design your own flex on canva and get it printed. There are also other options like shimmer curtains of the right color that will also provide you with a decent backdrop.

Balloonsminion themed birthday Balloons

Source- Toys & Games

Go for the classic blue and yellow combination for your little minions’ birthday party.

Invitationsminion themed birthday Invitations

Source-Grealish Greetings » Blog Archive » ASSEMBLE THE MINIONS!

Make these DIY minion invitation cards. In the generation of e-invites, why not go down the old road and make a handmade card for your little guests.

Cake toppers minion birthday themed Cake toppers

Source-Suruchi Strokes Customized/Personalized Cake Topper Home & Kitchen

Grab these super adorable personalized minion cake toppers. They are fun to look at and add up as a very important theme element.

Photo Booth frame

minion themed birthday Photo Booth frame

Source-WeSurprise Birthday PhotoBooth (Minion) : Home & Kitchen

This ready to use photo booth will enhance the look of the entire setup, keep it at the side of the main setup. Also do make sure you keep loads of minion props for the kids.

Photo Booth props minion themed birthday Photo Booth props

Source-Party Supplies India Home & Kitchen

These photo booth props fulfill the purpose of a photobooth corner. These will surely be loved by the kids and they’ll be happy to click loads of pictures in them.

Welcome banner

minion themed birthday Welcome banner

Source- / Welcome Banner with Birthday Boy/Girl Name – 3ft Ht : Toys & Games

This cute birthday welcome banners are super useful especially when deciding to throw the party in a proper venue.

5 unique minion themed setup designs

Ring minion birthday setupRing minion themed birthday setup


Look at this amazing ring balloon minion setup. It is a perfect and simple indoor setup. So if you’re throwing a house party, this might be the one for your little minion!

Open garden Minion theme setup for birthday

Open garden Minion themed birthday setup


This open garden setup gives a very soothing look. The addition of flowers to the setup makes it even more appealing. And the cute little balloons on the backdrop gives it a more realistic look.

DIY minion birthday setup

DIY minion themed birthday setup


Take a look at this cute DIY minion theme birthday setup. If you’re low on a budget this might be your go-to setup.

Evil minion themed birthday setup

Evil minion themed birthday setup


Add up a little evil to enhance the minion theme look. You can have a small evil corner, or you can split the crowd into two parts-Purple minions VS, yellow minions.

Pink minion birthday theme setupPink minion themed birthday setup


You can create this adorable minion setup for your little baby girl.

5 Cute Minion themed birthday cake designs

Crazy about bananasMinion themed birthday cake designs


This adorable teal color cake has got to win hearts. The transparent candies and the small adorable banana are the stars.

Minion upside-down cakeMinion themed upside-down cake


This fun upside-down minion cake is perfect for your little mischievous monkey.

Minion over minion themed birthday cake Minion over minion themed birthday cake


This has got to be the most adorable minion cake in this world. The cute detailing of their faces and expression is perfect.

M&M’s minion themed birthday cake M&M’s minion themed birthday cake


This cute basket cake filled with M&M’s will surely win your little guest’s heart.

Evil minion themed birthday cake design Evil minion themed birthday cake design


This half evil is the perfect cake for your-evil minion birthday theme setup mentioned in our blog.

Unique Return gifts ideas for a minion themed birthday party

Customized chocolate bars

minion themed birthday party

Source- (

Look at this unique chocolate bar. This is the perfect return gift for your little guests. Customize it according to your needs. Click on the link below to get your personalized chocolate bar

Birthday Return Gifts, Minion Personalized Chocolates -10 Bars (

Minion fanMinion themed birthday fan

Source-India –

Grab these cute hand-operated minion fans. It is a very useful gift that can be carried by your little minions to schools during summer.

Minion notebook water bottle

Source-Prices in India –

Get these cute notebook water bottles for your little guest from amazon. They are easy to carry around too.

Minion walkie talkiesMinion themed birthday walkie talkies

Source-Buy Toy MAll Walkie Talkie with 2 Player System Toy for Kids Online at Low Prices in India –

These cute minion walkie-talkies will definitely win hearts. The kids will have a wonderful time playing with these during the party, you could arrange a special police hunt game. Handover these to your little minion officers.

Minion pencil bag

Minion themed birthday pencil bag


Grab these minion pencil bags, they are affordable and useful. You could also add some minion-themed stationery along with the pencil bags.


We’ve shared an amazing range of setups and DIYs for your perusal. Make your little Minon happy on their big day.

You can also ask our experts at Celebratd to help you plan the perfect minion birthday! If you have something else on your mind, do refer to our recent blog on –The Ultimate Guide For Birthday Decoration.




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