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Personalized Anniversary Gifts For Your Special One

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Like weddings, one must also put equal efforts into celebrating anniversaries. Celebrating this beautiful occasion is a reminder to your partner about how much this day means to you and the value this marriage holds. It is believed that marriage tends to last longer when the positive things nullify the negative ones. Therefore Celebrating one’s anniversary gives a perfect opportunity to show how much you care for them. It shows love and affection for one another despite the challenges that they have faced. And what brings a wider smile on someone’s face than personalized anniversary gifts?

Gifts have become a very integral part of our lives, they are not only given on special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays but also when you just want to make your special one smile. Hence the presence of gifts can turn any ordinary moment into a special one.

custom anniversary gifts have a way of making people happy. With this blog we’ll make you familiar with the concept of personalized anniversary gifts, and why do they play such an important role in our lives- also we would see 20 different and amazing personalized anniversary gift ideas of 2022 for your loved ones!

There are times when we ask ourselves why do gifts play such an important role? Where did the idea of gifts come from? Well, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our detailed guide on return gifts- where we talk about the importance of gifting, its history, the value it holds, and different ways in which you can find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Click on the link mentioned below:

The Ultimate Guide on Finding the Right Return Gifts – Celebratd

Importance of Personalized Anniversary GiftsPersonalized Anniversary Gifts

Personalization has become a trend not only in the digital world but in the gifting world as well. When defined precisely it means “the act of designing something to meet an individual’s needs”. It is an art that allows people to take an ordinary gift and turn it into something personal and special. So Over time personalized gifts have become almost everyone’s choice. It first started with the addition of small personalized notes with every gift and now it has become a worldwide trend.

Here is why personalized gifts are special:

  • Helps build a closer personal bond- Personalized gifts add a special touch, it instantly makes the recipient smile. It improves your connection and bond with the recipient. It also helps to express the feeling of love, gratitude, and appreciation which in turn makes your loved ones feel special and important.
  • Adds a personal touch-When a gift is specially curated for someone, it makes them feel special. This can happen by adding their name on it or keeping a small customized note in it. Therefore this lets the recipient know that this gift is specially made for them after putting a lot of effort and thought into this.
  • Shows effort- custom anniversary gifts show efforts. The fact that you took out time to customize a gift according to the recipient’s liking makes all the difference. So this shows that you have put in your time and effort to find a gift that they will like and adore.
  • Is treasured Forever-Personalized gifts, unlike normal gifts are not easy to forget. They evoke happy memories in the minds of people you give them to. Hence it becomes hard for the recipient to not be attached to the gift. Therefore it is treasured forever and it always reminds the recipient of the happy memories that they have shared with you.
  • Stands out-Many people opt for easy options like flowers, plants, and cakes to convey their love and appreciation to their loved ones. But going for a personalized gift surely will stand out. This will help you grab the attention of the receipt. You’ll be surprised to see what a little bit of customization can do.

Things to keep in mind while buying personalized anniversary gifts

personalized anniversary gifts

Buying a gift for someone close is a very difficult task. Despite knowing everything about them, one can still get stuck. Giving a gift to someone you’re close to builds up a different kind of pressure as you want to make sure what you’re giving is unique and useful to them.

Mentioned below are 3 things to keep in mind while buying personalized anniversary gifts:

  • Make sure it’s useful: The first thing that one must keep in mind while purchasing custom anniversary gifts is the use of them so that it doesn’t end up sitting in the storeroom. It doesn’t have to be of everyday use, but something that is meaningful and memorable to them.
  • Element of surprise: Any gift that you purchase, must have an element of surprise. Your gift must have something that the recipients find very difficult to forget. So one must remember to buy something that is not only useful to them but also makes them happy and surprised.
  • The price range doesn’t matter: At the end of the day if you get them something that is close to their heart, they’ll always remember it. Happiness is all about beautiful memories and not money. So mentioned below are 20 personalized anniversary gifts ideas for your special one!

10 Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Custom map canvas Love Art:

Custom map canvas Love Art gift

Source-Personalized Hello Will You I Do Print Professional Fine Art | Etsy India

This cute canvas map art can be customized according to your place date and name. The day that you first met your partner, the day you asked them to marry you, and the day that he/she said yes- are the ones that must be remembered and cherished. This is the perfect custom anniversary gifts and will help you and your partner to relive the beautiful memories of the past.

Monogrammed Robe

Monogrammed Robe anniversary gift

Source- | Etsy

Does your partner love matching with you? Well here’s a perfect personalized anniversary gift. Plan a nice spa day with your partner and relax in these beautifully crafted monogrammed robes.

Customized Neon Lights

Customized Neon Lights anniversary gifts

Source-CUSTOMIZED HUB (@customizedhub09) • Instagram photos and videos

Grab these beautiful customized neon lights. You have different color choices ranging from warm, pink, blue, purple, etc. You can get these done in any design that you want. It is not limited to the recipients’ name- it can be anything from your date of anniversary to a quote.

Personalized Bottle LampPersonalized Bottle Lamp anniversary gifts

Source-Personalized Bottle Lamp | Insity

These bottle lamps are to die for! They are the perfect personalized anniversary gift as they can act as a part of the decor as well. You can add your favorite picture with them or you can simply put up a quote with the picture to make it look more appealing. These look beautiful in the dark and give you a warm and cozy feeling.

Customized Chocolate Box

Customized Chocolate Box anniversary gifts

Source: All Printed Chocolates ( – CHOCOCRAFT

These chocolates come with different fillings, you can customize them according to the likings of the recipient. You can also make it special by customizing the box as well. It also comes in with a butter paper message-it will help you express how you feel. This adds a special touch to the celebration.

Spotify Frame

Spotify Frame anniversary gifts

Source- | Etsy

This personalized frame displays your choice of picture and song and also a scannable code to play the song. Pair the picture with your favorite memory of the person and with that one song that you enjoy listening to with them.

Customized Embroidered giftCustomized Embroidered anniversary gifts

Source-Creative Threads by Aparna (@__creative_threads__) 

Get this beautifully embroidered gift for your loved ones and see them smile. These are the perfect personalized anniversary gift, as these will remind them of you every time they catch a glimpse of this in the house. They look elegant and can be placed anywhere in the house.

Customized Door Name Plate

Customized Door Name Plate anniversary gifts

Source-Urvi Mehta on Instagram: 

This is the perfect gift for a newly married couple, who has just stepped into their new home. You can customize this according to your liking and preference- from the font to the shape of the whole nameplate can be customized.

Custom wooden portraits

Custom wooden portraits anniversary gifts

Source-THINK ARTLY (@thinkartly)

Etch your memories forever with these beautiful customized wooden portraits. They are unique and look very antique and give a rustic feel. Take a picture from your favorite memory with them and carve it forever!

Customized Photo Collage

Customized Photo Collage anniversary gifts

Source-| Etsy India

This wooden heart collage lamp is a showstopper. You can hand this in the living room of your house or simply in your room. These beautiful pictures with your significant other will remind them of the beautiful times that you have spent with them over the years.

5 Amazon Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Personalized Bluetooth speaker Personalized Bluetooth speaker

Source-Amazon. in

This Bluetooth speaker with personalized pictures is the best gift so far. It has a color-changing system and you can customize it by putting your favorite pictures in. It is something unique and eye-catching.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

This is not just an ordinary mirror. It has a USB connection and after the connection of the mirror, it acts as a photo frame as well as a night lamp. This is the best two-in-one gift. And this will be one of the best-personalized couple gifts.

Acrylic couple name wall hanging

Acrylic couple name wall hanging

Source-Bright Wood Craft Personalized Acrylic couple name wall hanging

This is the cutest Personalized anniversary gifts for your loved ones. This acrylic wall hanging will look perfect on the walls of the couple’s room or it can also act as a door wreath. One can always go with the initials too if they do not want their full names printed on them. You can get your meet of personalized couple gifts.

Sequin cushion

Sequin cushion

Source-Personalize Photo Magical/Magic/Red

This magic sequin cushion guarantees fun and love to your loved ones. These personalized couple gifts can be used anywhere in the living room as well as the bedroom. They are fun to fiddle with and are amazing personalized anniversary gifts.

Couples hand casting kit Couples hand casting kit

Source-Ubrighty Hand Casting Kit

Do this fun activity with your loved ones and make a beautiful hand cast. It is a fun and elegant personalized couple gifts. You’ll have loads of fun making these and the result will look beautiful in the centre of your coffee table!

5 Personalized Gifts for Birthday

Glass frames

Glass frames

Source- (@craftsyamour)

Get these beautiful hexagon vintage glass frames, for your bestie’s birthday! You can also make these yourself. All you need is a glass frame and pictures and pressed flowers. These are beautiful and perfect for gifting your loved ones on their birthday.

Customized pendant

Customized pendant


Grab these beautiful customized necklaces, they look perfect with almost every outfit. They are the best birthday gifts and can be given to anyone on any occasion. It is versatile and elegant.

Care Birthday HamperCare Birthday Hamper


This beautiful birthday gift platter is to die for! You can customize it according to your needs. It doesn’t specifically have to be candles and flowers, you can incorporate eatables too like- cakes chocolates, or any kind of munchies. This hamper acts as a perfect birthday gift.

Led wooden box

Led wooden box

Source- LED Fitted Heart Shaped Shadow Box

This shadow box works like magic and is a decent birthday gift for your loved ones. You can customize the text according to the occasion, it is a very versatile gift as it can be given on any occasion.

Wallet cards

Wallet cards

Source-WALLET CARDS / ILLUSTRATOR ®️ (@_ritsdigital)

These wallet cards are the perfect birthday gift for your long-distance friends and family. These can be carried around easily, and will constantly remind them of you.


As we can see personalized gifts always add a special touch to the celebration. With personalized gifts, one can communicate their love and affection with their loved ones. These are the perfect way to preserve a favorite memory with your loved ones! if you want more ideas regarding this you should visit at Celebratd. You are always welcome.



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