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The Detailed Guide on Choosing the Perfect Greeting Card

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The holiday season may be over, but if you’re looking to make someone’s day, sending them a gift card or greeting card could be the right choice. While greeting cards are often thought of as appropriate only during the holidays. However, there are plenty of other occasions that call for one.

How many times has this happened to you? You’re at the store, trying to buy the perfect wishing card, but you can’t find anything that says what you want it to say.

This guide provides everything you need to know about choosing the right greeting card, from picking out the right paper stock to choosing one that fits your budget and conveys your feelings perfectly.

Why greeting cards?

How often do you send wishing cards? It’s one of the best ways to show someone that you’re thinking about them. They are more than just pieces of paper and colored ink. In fact, they are often the first thing we receive from a friend, family member, or loved one after learning about an important life event such as a wedding, birth of a child, graduation, or other important milestones in their lives.

Mentioned below are 4 reasons why greetings cards are important :

  • For expressing emotions: Sending personalized birthday cards to your loved ones helps us express all forms of human emotions -happiness, humour, love, etc. Wishing cards allow humans to emotionally connect with the people who have left a massive impact on their life.
  • They last forever: In this world full of text messages and posts, sending greetings cards leaves a huge impact. We usually save these cards and the message inside the card remains with us forever.
  • They are appreciated: Sending a card for any occasion can never go wrong. This act shows that you cared enough to personally choose a card for this person and took out some time to make them smile with a beautiful personalized message.
  • Adds a personal touch- The love and effort that a person puts in searching for the perfect greeting card adds a special personal touch. Every step of this process brings us close to our loved ones.

When to send a greeting card?

Whenever you have an occasion up your sleeve, one of the most straightforward gifts that you can give is greeting cards. It can be a birthday or an occasion like Valentine’s Day, Teacher’s Day or even festivals like Diwali.

Sending out wishing cards along with some plants or flowers on special occasions is one of the safest and best bets you can make. It’s true that we live in a digital age where most of our communication is done via text, email, and social media, but nothing speaks love more than a thoughtful card. Check out our guides on The ultimate guide for planning your kid’s birthday and guide on 20 great inexpensive return gift ideas for a kid’s birthday:

Giving out personalized handmade greeting cards to your loved ones is a great feeling. Mentioned below are a few occasions when you can send them out without any hesitation.

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • Valentine’s day
  • Christmas
  • Mothers day
  • Fathers day
  • Friendship day
  • Teachers day
  • Diwali
  • Holi
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • Independence day
  • Republic day
  • Women’s day

How to choose the perfect greeting card?choosing the perfect greeting card

Everyone loves receiving a birthday card in their mailbox, right? Even when we’re dreading turning another year older. There’s something nice about being reminded that someone took some time out of their day just for you. Choosing a great card can be tricky though. It’s important that you choose a card that reflects your relationship with your loved ones.

Mentioned below are a few factors that must be considered while choosing card:

  • Consider the recipient: One must always keep in mind the recipient and their relationship with them. Whenever we go card shopping for our loved ones, we need to ensure that we buy a sympathy card that is not only perfect but also appropriate for the recipient.
  • Consider the occasion: Keeping in mind the occasion is one big step of the whole card hunting. This helps find the most appropriate card and saves up a lot of time.
  • Consider the recipients’ hobbies and interests: Keeping in mind their hobbies and interests will instantly put a smile on the recipient’s face, it gives you a chance to prove that you really care and notice them. So keeping their hobbies in mind is the most important step towards finding the perfect card for any occasion.
  • Prepare a well-worded message: After choosing the perfect design for the card, now it’s time to do your magic. Writing what you feel about the recipient can go a long way, this fulfils the purpose of sympathy cards.

How can you make your own handmade greeting cards?

handmade greeting cards

What’s the most important thing to do when you want to show someone you care? Well, many of us are fortunate enough to be able to express our gratitude and love through a sympathy card. One can always go to the market to buy a card, but nothing says love and care like a handmade card for your loved ones.

Here are a few tips to make your own handmade card.

  • Decide on a design for the card The first step of this whole process is to decide upon a design for the card. One can find thousands of designs online and get inspiration from any one of them.
  • Collect all the materials required: The second most important step in this whole process is to collect all the materials required for you to make the perfect card. Collect everything from paper to stickers to embellishments.
  • The basic process of card making: One must first know how to make a basic card. This includes :
    • Fold your sheet in half, line up on the sides and press down the creases, this creates the classic look of a card.
    • Decorate the first page with a simple drawing or stickers and tapes, keeping in mind the occasion.
    • You can then add a pop-up element, like a pop-up cake for a birthday greeting card. This shows that you went the extra mile for your loved ones.
    • You can always add more layers to your birthday greeting card and can also make a tiny photo album inside the main card. This would add a lot of extra personality to the card.
  • Writing your message: Always include a little personal message to write in the card. This adds a little extra touch to that personalized card.

5 Great birthday card ideas

Birthdays are a great occasion which is suitable for wishing cards. People find a myriad of gifts for the person who is celebrating their birthday, but almost everyone brings along birthday greeting cards. Check out our list below to find a huge variety of birthday greeting cards:

Black and golden birthday card

Birthday Card Online


Surprise your loved ones with this beautiful birthday card, with a sweet message on

the inside.

Singing birthday card

greeting card for birthday



This may look like a simple card, but it actually sings! You can catch your loved one off guard With this awesome singing wishing card.

Rustic scroll birthday greeting card

Rustic scroll birthday greeting card


Grab this beautifully crafted birthday scroll card for your loved ones. This gives a beautiful rustic look to your wishes and is also pretty stylish.

DIY handmade candle greeting card

DIY handmade candle greeting card


Make this awesome handmade DIY card. Grab some real candles and cover them with beautiful color paper and prepare this cute candle card. This is a very uniques option when it comes to cards.

Cake pop-up card

Cake pop-up greeting card


Get this beautiful pop-up birthday card to make your loved ones feel special. One can also learn how to make DIY pop-up birthday cards.

5 Valentine’s Day Card ideas

16 reasons why I love you valentines day card box

valentines day greeting card box


Get this beautiful wooden wishing card box with 16 different cards, to make the day special for your loved ones.

Red and black explosive box card

 Red and black explosive box greeting card


This beautiful explosive box card is the best valentine’s gift, it has a lot of allotted spaces for pasting pictures and writing messages for your loved ones.

Valentines day scrapbook greeting card

Valentines day scrapbook greeting card

Source-Flipkart | FInd this card here

With This beautiful scrapbook wishing card, you can write some sweet messages and paste pictures with your loved ones, to remind them of the beautiful times together.

DIY handmade glitter card

DIY handmade glitter greeting card

Source-Amazon | Find this card here

Order this beautiful glittery valentine’s day card for your loved ones, or make it with your own hands to make them feel special.

Multilayered beautiful valentines day card

valentines day greeting card

Source-Amazon | Find this card here

It is a multi-layered card fitted inside a wooden box, perfect to surprise your loved ones. This is sure to bring a smile to the face of your respective others.

5 Diwali Greeting Card Ideas

Ganpati Quilling handmade card


Give these beautiful quilling Diwali cards, it takes time and patience to get this one correct, and will be highly appreciated by your loved ones this festive season.

Ready-made Diwali card

Diwali greeting card

Source-Flipkart | Find this card here

Attach these beautiful and colorful Diwali greeting cards with a personalized message, add a box of sweets or a gift, to make your loved ones happy this Diwali.

Easy DIY Diwali card


Make this easy handmade Diwali card – mentioned below is the link to the detailed video of how to make this easy DIY handmade card

DIY Diwali card // Handmade easy Diwali Card (

Simple Diya handmade Diwali card


Make this simple and elegant diya shaped Diwali greeting card and surprise your loved ones.

Click on the link below to get a detailed video on how to make this amazing diya card

Diwali Greeting Card | Handmade Easy Diwali Card Complete Tutorial | DIY Diwali Card – YouTube

Super Easy DIY card


Want to keep your kids busy this Diwali? Give them the task to make this simple Diwali card, and watch them get creative.

5 friendship day Greeting Card Ideas

Box of insult card

Source-Amazon | Find this card here

Gift this box of insults to your long-distance friend and make them smile even when you’re not there.

TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S greeting card

Source-Amazon | Find this card here

This friendship day surprises your friends with this beautiful personalized F.R.I.E.N.D.S card.

Mood lifting cards

Source-Amazon | FInd this card here

Grab these amazing” mood lifters” and surprise your long-distance friend this friendship day.

Special 24k gold rose card

Source-Amazon | FInd this card here

This is the perfect card for that one friend who has a huge impact on your life and is very important to you. This is not very costly, but can sure look pretty royale.

DIY simple handmade friendship day cards


Make these super easy and beautiful friendship day cards for your besties!

5 Awesome Teachers day greeting cards

Beautiful Teachers Day Greeting Card

Source-Amazon | Find this card here

Get this beautiful teachers’ day greeting card along with the best teacher trophy, to thank your teachers for all the hard work they’ve been putting in.

Thankyou letter teachers day greeting card

Source-Amazon | Find this card here

This old-school mail-style card can surely put a smile on your mentor’s face! It is a great alternative to the traditional cards one might find in a store.

Special teacher’s day scroll card

Source-Amazon | Find this card here

This beautiful scroll is a unique way of surprising your favorite teacher, this teacher’s day.

DIY handmade pop-up teachers day greeting card


Take out some time to make this easy and beautiful DIY pop-up teacher’s day card.

Mentioned below is the link to the detailed video on how to make this amazing teacher’s day card.

DIY Teacher’s Day Pop Up card/ Handmade Teachers day card making idea

Mirror card for teachers day

Source-Amazon | Find this card here

This amazing greeting adds a touch of magic as it has a mirror with a cute message inside for your favorite teacher.


The importance of greeting cards can never be understated. Think about it: when’s the last time you sent a hand-written letter? There’s always something special and sentimental about receiving a physical card. When it comes to selecting a card, there’s no shortage of options available. Go grab yours with the help of the above-mentioned guide.



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