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The Ultimate Guide For Planning Your kid’s Birthday Party

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For every parent, their kid’s birthday is considered a very important occasion. When it comes to dealing with kids, birthdays play a very important role. So as a parent, you would want to do what’s best for your kid. Moreover, a kid’s birthday party is fun-filled and you must do everything in your power to make this day special for your kid.

Organizing a kids’ birthday party is no joke. You have to go through a lot of planning and it is a very tedious task. So planning such a kid’s birthday party can be highly overwhelming. But not when you break the tasks into small bits.

When you’re the host there is a lot to think about, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our specially crafted ultimate guide for planning your kid’s birthday party. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below in the blog to plan a fun and successful kid’s birthday party.

Why Are Birthdays Important?

Birthday parties have become an important part of our lives. However it is not just important for the kids, the adults too love the attention and special treatment that they get on their birthdays.

Birthdays are a very special time of the year. Most importantly it is a reminder of how far a person has come. When we take out time for everything in our lives, then why not give importance to the celebration of life? If we do not have time for ourselves and our loved ones now, there will be a time when we look back and find nothing. Also, Celebrating birthdays is equal to building memories.

So, mentioned below is the history of our famous birthday song, along with the reasons why the celebration of birthdays is important for kids.

The history of the famous “Happy Birthday song”

The song happy birthday to you has become a birthday classic and is sung around the world in different languages to mark one’s birthday. The Guinness book of world ranks this popular song as the most famous and recognizable song known in the English language.

This beautiful melody was written by two sisters Mildred J. Hill (1859-1916) and Patty Smith Hill (1868-1946). Patty was a school teacher. She had remarkable records and was also the founder of (NAEYC). On the other hand, Mildred was also an educator who later became a composer and pianist.

In 1883, Mildred was teaching a kindergarten, where her sister patty was the principal. They decided to make a song for teachers to sing to the children in the morning, which was easy to sing and remember. So later Patty came with the lyrics and Mildred with the melody and the sisters created a beautiful song for the children “Good morning to all”.

A few years later this same melody was changed to a birthday song that we all sing now to mark that special day in someone’s life.

Why is it important to celebrate a kid’s birthday?kid's birthday party

Before planning a party for your kids, you must know the importance that a birthday celebration holds in a kid’s life. For kids, their birthday is the most exciting and fun day of the year. However, the intensity of an event is not always the same. It completely depends on the family, whether they want to keep it small, or extravagant.

Mentioned below are 3 reasons why it’s important to celebrate your kid’s birthday:

Boosts confidence-In in order to honor your children, the celebration of their birthday is the very first step. For once a year the kid must be allowed to act selfish and be the center of love and attention. It is a great feeling for a kid to see people gathering for his/her birthday. For adults, this must feel overdone, but the kids crave this kind of attention and special treatment. And what better occasion than their birthday to pamper them?

Build Friendships-Inviting your kid’s friends, gives them an opportunity to socialize outside the classroom. The kids are then exposed to a more comfortable and relaxed environment and can socialize easily. Also, it teaches them the act of sharing, caring, and basic social etiquette that they can never learn in a competitive school environment.

Make memories-As a host you must always remember that this is not only about your kid. You must also take care of the other kids and pay attention to their requirements as well. Also, this will help all the kids to create a joyful and mutual memory of the amazing party that you had organized.

Why Should You Hire A Party Planner?kid's birthday party

When the pressure of handling your kid’s birthday party completely falls on your shoulder. It is best to hire a reputed party planner for your little chipmunk’s birthday. Many people still can’t come around to the idea of hiring a party planner for their family event. The entire process of planning a great party for your kid can be highly overwhelming. Mentioned below are the reasons why you should consider hiring a party planner for your events:

  • Managing budget-When throwing your kid’s birthday party many parents try to go over the top, which is not a bad thing. But at the end of the day, the guilt takes over the happy memories. To avoid scenarios like this, one should hire experts. They are professionals and budget is something you will be communicating with them from the very beginning. They always come with a plan that will suit your budget.
  • Saves time-This is where you will benefit the most by hiring a party planner. Parties especially birthday parties happen at the last minute and if you are someone who does not have enough time for proper planning. Then going to an expert for help is the best decision. Their strongest suit is to work under pressure and still pull off something so beautiful and magical.
  • The party is flawless-When you decide to play hostess you spend your entire time and energy trying to make the party look perfect. In that process, one hardly gets time to enjoy their own kid’s party. To avoid situations like this one must hire experts who can put their energy and required event management skills into curating a flawless kid’s birthday party 
  • You can sit back and relax-Again, playing hostess is not at all easy. Hosting a party or any event can never go smoothly. So when you hire a party planner, this becomes something that you don’t have to worry about. Moreover, you could have fun with your kid and engage in his special day.
  • Focus on small details-When you hire an event planner, they usually have a new theme and concept in their mind. Handing over your event to the planners will help you focus on the small details too, like the props for the photobooth. Even the food counter should match the main theme of the party. All these things are overlooked when you decide to play hostess, but with their help, you can focus on these small things as well.

The Ultimate Guide of Step By Step Planning Of a kid’s Birthday Party

If you’re still not convinced to take help from experts while planning a party, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our specially crafted step-by-step guide to making planning easy for you.

Make a party planning checklist

This is one thing everyone should do to make sure that the planning runs smoothly. You definitely don’t need experts if you think you have it all under control. Moreover, parties and get together are mostly about bringing people together and having endless fun. With the help of a specially curated planning checklist, you can keep on checking the things you need to make your minion happy on their birthday.


Make sure you have a clear budget in mind. This will help you with the detailed planning of the party. If you have a budget in mind you can plan further without any unnecessary obstacles.

The number of guests

After you have a clear budget in mind. Start with the second most tedious job. You must be aware of the proper guest list etiquette-which includes:

  • While creating the guest list make sure you have your kid around to guide with the people he wants to invite. First, make arrangements for his closest friends and family and then move on to other possible friends of your child’s age.
  • Make sure to invite his entire class, and not just leave out two or three people. This creates bad relations among the kids as well as their parents.

How to finalize the venue for the Kid’s Birthday party?

It doesn’t really matter whether you throw a party at home or at a venue. Both of these places have their own pros and cons. When you have a proper and final guest list in your hand. Then the next step would be to book a venue. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind while booking a venue. They include:

  • You must keep in mind that the venue you finalize is big enough to fit your guest list. It should not be overly crowded and congested.
  • Make sure you pick a venue that is suitable for the kids and is kids-friendly. It should have enough open space for the kids to have fun and to do various activities.
  • Try not to keep the party inside a banquet, as it limits your option for games. And a kid’s party without games is like a birthday without cake.

Benefits Of Having A Kid’s Birthday Party Outside

Planning a kid’s birthday party is always a big deal. Every parent dreams of organizing an amazing fun-filled party for their kids on their birthday. But the first obstacle that one has to go through is the venue. It is very difficult to find a kid’s friendly venue. But if you find one, listed below are the perks of celebrating your kid’s birthday away from home.

  • The pressure of being a host is lost. It is amazing to have a good time with your family and friends. But let’s be real, being a hostess is a lot of pressure and work. You have to be responsible for every guest present there. When hosting a kid’s party, you constantly have to monitor the kids. When a person hosts a party at home, they make sure that everything is perfectly timed and with kids, you especially have to keep the time factor in mind.

But hosting a party at a venue that is away from home, will help you get that pressure off your shoulder. Since at most venues you have help and the fact that a proper itinerary is created for a party is the best thing. Everything is timed perfectly and the party continues smoothly. Do not beat yourself up from taking a break from playing hostess.

  • No fear of cleaning up, when hosting a party at home the most tedious work is to keep the home neat and clean during the event as well as after the event. This burden is often pushed onto the hostess. Celebrating a party far from home will help you skip the most exhausting part of hosting a party.
  • Parents can have a great time too, when hosting a kid’s birthday party at home, there is not sufficient space for the kid’s parents to stay. Moreover, if the main hostess stays busy it feels irrelevant to stay and become a burden. But when you shift your party to a proper venue, it becomes easy for the parents as well. They can easily keep an eye on their kids and have fun too! This gives the parents a perfect opportunity to have fun and engage in activities with their kids.
  • The party has an expiry time! When playing hostess at home you must have come across a time when you feel that the party’s never-ending. Hosting a party for kids is as difficult as ending it. But at a venue, they have a time period before which you must wrap up everything and head home.
  • Easy planning, when you book a venue you don’t have to go through the hassle of decorating your house. At a venue, you can have fun with different themes. All you have to do is book a good party planner.

Benefits Of Having A Kid’s Birthday At Home

There are a lot of benefits of celebrating a kid’s birthday party at home, it includes:

  • Budget: Celebrating a party at home will surely cut down your extra expenses of food and decor and light. So if you don’t have a very good budget, you can always go to home parties.
  • Kids feel more comfortable: when conducting a party at home, it is usually observed that the kids are more comfortable and are able to enjoy the party without any restrictions. At a venue, the parents constantly have to monitor the kids. This way both parties cannot have fun.
  • There is privacy: In most venues, they conduct 2-3 parties daily and mostly at the same time, for their profit. But it becomes quite uncomfortable for the kids as well as the parents, as family events require privacy.

Set a date and time

While choosing the date and time, you must keep in mind the hectic schedule that every person has these days. So the safest option would be to go for a weekend. The invitations must go out at least 2-3 weeks prior so that everyone can clear their calendars and be present for your kid’s special day.

Pick up a theme

Theme parties have become a trend now. There are so many kids’ themes to choose from. And it is normal for a parent to get confused. One way to go around the whole theme idea is to ask your kid directly what he/she likes. Mentioned below are the most famous and unique theme ideas for your kid’s special day:

Birthday party themes for girls

Rainbow theme

You can have so much fun with this amazing and versatile theme.


Invitations for kid's birthday party


Create these super easy invitations at home with your kid, for him to distribute in his class. This way all the kids will feel special. For the parents, you must send an e-invite via WhatsApp with the necessary details.


Decor for kid's birthday party


Do not go crazy with colors everywhere. Yes, the theme is all about color, but remember to break the pattern with a touch of white. Either has plain white balloons or create a balloon cloud. This way the place will not be overwhelmed with colors.


S Cake for kid's birthday party

Source-Studio Baked

Funfetti cakes are easy to bake and decorate. You can have different color sponges inside and the balloon topper adds just a special touch to it.

Rainbow snacks

Rainbow snacks for kid's birthday party

Source-Wonky Patchwork: Rainbow Party 2

You can have a variety of rainbow snacks for the kids. Like colored cupcakes, fruit kebabs, etc.In order to make the food area look more attached to the theme. Make sure you add a bunch of colorful balloons and add some rainbow streamers.

Mermaid theme

Do you want to add an underwater twist to your little mermaid’s birthday party? Then all you need is to follow our little guide on the mermaid theme and get ready to party!



Invitations for kid's birthday party


Your mermaid invitation must look magical and realistic. Don’t shy away from some glitter and do not forget the tiny fish friends. Set a tone of gold and wait for the magic.


Dress code

Dress code for kid's birthday party

Source- – popxstar

You should have an under the sea dress code. Make sure you deliver the color theme to the parents. A mermaid tail or tutu section can be put up at the party for the kids. Make sure the birthday girl stands out with the most beautiful mermaid tail


Source- Catch My Party

Incorporate shimmer and glitter. Keep the color palette soothing and related to the sea. Have table frills for giving a 3D wave look.



Get these beautiful mermaid theme cakes, there are thousands of options and designs to choose from. GO find yours!

Peppa pig theme

The base color for this theme is pink, white, blue, and green. It gives us a barney vibe due to the main character and the fact that the entire theme is based on a cute little pink pig.



The easiest and most reliable option would be to send e-invites. As they are easy to design and there is no hurry to get them printed. You can make your kids’ invites easily on Canva– with a wide variety of options and templates. Or you can simply find a free template online.



Though Peppa pig theme is gender-neutral. But if you’re doing this for your tiny princess then you should go with the classy salmon pink theme. For the boys, you can always add blue to the pink. You can set a different dress code for the boys and the girls.



You can customize the cake any way you want, there are a lot of designs to choose from. Feel free to add more farm animals around the cake to give it a more realistic look.

Peppa pig props

peppa pig props

Source- Amazon | Find this prop here

Get these cute props for the kids, the Peppa pig hair bands can be given to the girls and the brooches can be used by the boys. This way we see no frowning faces.

Birthday party themes for boys

Minion theme

A minion theme is all the little monkeys need to have a great day! It is a gender-neutral theme and is very versatile with many different and easy decor options.


Source- | Etsy

Get a printout of these cute minion cut-out invites. Make sure to be clear about the timings and venue and also about the dress code for the day.



Pull off this simple and fun decor for your little minion. You can keep the color code as blue and yellow for the boys and pink and yellow for the girls. You can customize every element that you want according to the theme.


Source-Hungry Minion | Nikos Cakes

Having a beautiful cake is what makes a party great. Customize it according to your kid’s needs and make sure you choose his favorite flavor for the sponge.

Fun food

Source- (

Having a theme incorporated into the food looks very interesting and fun. Make sure you have minion cupcakes and other treats and you set up a different table for all the minions things for the kids to eat and take away.

Pirate theme

Are you hunting for inspiration for a new and cool theme for your kid’s birthday? Why not go with the classy pirate theme. It is fun and crazy and is considered to be gender-neutral as well.



Take out time and make this rustic paper invite for your kid’s class. You can fold them into a scroll and give it a more realistic look.


What fun is a party without a cake? Either you can order these beautiful customized cakes or you can simply buy a pirate-themed cake topper from Amazon.

Buy Cakesupplyshop Cjp998 Pirate Ship Pirate Revenge Cake Decoration Cake Topper Online at Low Prices in India – Amazon. in


Decor for kid's birthday party


Do this beautiful pirate setup. Add in some fake bones, fishnets, and barrel wheels to give it a realistic pirate boat look.

Spiderman theme


Spiderman theme kid's birthday party

Source- | Etsy

Invitations set the first impression for any party. So make sure you do something creative. Since the spider man theme is an old one but it is still loved by many kids and is the first theme that pops into our heads. To add a twist to this, one could always play around with video invites, which can be easily made on canva.


Cake for kid's birthday party

Source- (

A number cake with spiderman on top is a hit! This is a very unique cake design and will definitely catch the eye of your little superheroes.


Decor for kid's birthday party

Source- (

One does not have to decorate the entire place or venue. Simply put up a dessert table. Make sure to keep spiderman cupcakes and cake pops and other customizable treats for your superhero. You don’t necessarily have to put up spiderman everywhere, simply following the red and blue color code will help you create the perfect ambience.

Food and beverages

The most important thing to remember when playing hostess is to keep in mind the food menu. Kids especially have very picky food habits.

  • You can’t expect the kids to be properly sitting at a table and eating. So keeping in mind these factors you should always go for finger foods
  • As the hostess, it is your responsibility to text every parent and enquire about any allergies that a kid has.
  • Always try to keep healthy options for a kid party like fruits and veggies.
  • If you’re also thinking of inviting the parents make sure you also have something that is suitable for the adults.

Mentioned below are a few fun yet healthy party foods for kids.

Purchase of party supplies

If you decide to not hire an event planner, then make sure you get the proper party supplies. These includes

  • All the decor items: if you have a theme make sure you stick to it and not get something that is irrelevant. The easiest and simple decor idea would be to stick with balloons.
  • Detailing: when hosting a party the detailing of the decor is the most crucial part. You have to put a little effort into the detailing so that the theme doesn’t seem irrelevant. Give it all the components to make it look like your theme.
  • Disposables: make sure you order the disposable beforehand since customization on the disposables takes a lot of time.
  • Games: create a thorough list of the games that you are going to keep and the activities that are gonna happen throughout the day. Purchase things according to the list and get these done beforehand so that there is no last-minute delay.

Check-in on your RSVPs

Follow up on the RSVP’S and create a new and final guest list, so that you have a rough idea of how many people you are actually expecting on the big day. For courtesy call, the people who haven’t RSVP’d yet and convince them to attend the party.

Order your baked goods

The last and very important part of this entire process is the baked goods. Make sure you order 2 weeks before and book those dates. For the customization of the baked goods the baker usually needs a 3 week’s notice, so make sure you book those dates for them. Make sure you stay in touch with the baker during this process so that there is no last-minute mess on the final day.

Additional considerations

When you’re playing hostess there are a few things that one must keep in mind while hosting a party for kids:

  • Keep goodie bags or some sort of party favors. Try to label the bags so that the child feels special.
  • Always be ready for a backup plan. All sorts of things can happen at a kid’s birthday party, especially ones that are not organized by an event planner.
  • It is possible that someone gets sick before the event. If it’s the birthday boy or girl, you are responsible to call the invitees and informing them about this. And later to make up, you can keep a small get-together.
  • Keep extra baked goodies. Every kid is fond of cakes and baked goods. So make sure you always have extras.
  • Make sure that every kid is involved in the activities. If you see a kid standing alone or not playing make sure you go and encourage them to participate.
  • If someone brings an extra guest make sure you treat them with equal importance.
  • It is also important for the parents to get involved in the activities as well. This will help the child bond with their parents more.

What games to play at a kid’s birthday party?

While hosting a party for kids one must keep in mind that the kids must have some fun activities to do throughout the party. Mentioned below are 5 fun-filled game ideas for your chipmunk’s big day!

Hulla hoop toss

Hulla hoop toss

Source- (

Tie helium balloons on a rock and place them on the ground in a distance. Number these balloons and provide the kids with medium-sized hoops. Ask the kids to try and ring the balloons, the kid who has the maximum points wins the game.

Balloon dart

Balloon dart kid's birthday party

Source-Spaceships and Laser Beams

Stick the balloons on a huge board with double-sided tape and give the kids darts – make sure that they are not sharp. Have the kids make a line and hand them 3 darts each, the kid who pops all three balloons wins.

Tug of war

Tug of war kids birthday party

Source-Apt Parenting

Purchase a very thick rope- the one that doesn’t injure the hands. Divide a team of two using the chit system or simply make it girls versus boys game.

Bubble wrap race

Bubble wrap race for kid's birthday party

Source- (

Layout a long sheet of bubble wrap, tape its sides to secure the bubble wrap on the ground. Ask the kids to cross the bubble wrap path without making a bubble pop. The kid who crosses the path first without making any noise wins the game.

Red rover

Red rover for kid's birthday party

To play this game, divide the kids into two groups. Ask the two teams to create a chain by holding their hands. Make sure the teams have a good distance between them. The team that wins the toss, decides to call a runner from the other time saying “red rover red rover let___ come over”. The team that is called will run with full force and try to break the chain. If they succeed, they can take one strong player away from the rival team.

Tips to host your kid’s birthday party on a budget

Does your jaw drop when you finally look at the growing expenses of party supplies? It doesn’t really have to be grand and extravagant for your kid to enjoy. You can go simple and still make sure that the kids have a lot of fun. Here are a few tips to make your party simple and budget-friendly.

  • Reducing the size of the guest list will cut out a huge chunk of your budget.
  • Bake your own cake, you don’t have to overpay a bakery for a complicated cake. If you are a decent baker, make your own cake and add a topper that matches your theme.
  • For decoration, purpose balloons are considered the cheapest and safest option. The kids enjoy playing with them. And they are easy to find.
  • Send e-invites, rather than spending money on printing. You can design them yourself also there are thousands of templates available online.
  • Choosing the right venue is also an important step, try to find a venue that is budget-friendly. Or simply choose a park or an open space where you set up the mood for a fun-filled kid party.
  • Try keeping traditional games, so that you need to hire entertainment from outside.
  • Skip the goodie bags altogether. You could hand out something like handmade chocolates or cookies.
  • Have a joint party with a friend or a cousin who shares a common birthday. This way you can have twice the fun!
  • When you purchase party supplies make sure you get something that can be used again and again over the years. Like a shimmering curtain or a birthday banner.

One more way in which you could save a huge chunk of your budget is by buying inexpensive yet useful return gifts for the kids. Click on the link mentioned below for 20 inexpensive return gift ideas for a kid’s birthday party. Top 20 inexpensive return gift ideas for a kid’s birthday – Celebratd– in this blog we talk about return gifts under RS 50 and 100.

Return Gift Ideas For The Above-Mentioned Themes

Return gifts have become an important part of every party that a person organizes. It is a way of thanking the guests for coming and being a huge part of someone else’s day and happiness. Mentioned below is a beautifully crafted blog on –

The Ultimate Guide for planning your kid’s birthday

Rainbow theme return gift ideas

Bubble fidget keyrings

Bubble fidget keyrings for kid's birthday party

It is the best stress reliever toy for kids. They can carry this around anywhere. Pop toys like this have become very popular among kids and this is the perfect return gift for the kids.

Rainbow color brick pencil

Rainbow color brick pencil for kid's birthday party

Source-: Toys & Games

These beautiful brick pencils have 7 nibs in each pencil. They are the perfect gift for the kids and are fun to play with.

Rainbow shaped night light

Rainbow shaped night light for kid's birthday party

Source-(Pack of 2):

These cute rainbow-shaped night lamps are the perfect gift for kids. These can be installed in their room or on their study desk.

Mermaid theme return gift ideas

Mermaid tail gel pens

Mermaid tail gel pens kid's birthday party

Source- Office Products

These cute and adorable gel pens are sure to win their hearts. These are perfect as a small party favor.

Bracelet bands

Bracelet bands for kid's birthday party

Source- Toys & Games

They come in a lot of different patterns and colors. This contains a pack of 12 and is safe to wear for the kids.

Mermaid shaped fun erasers

Mermaid shaped fun erasers kid's birthday party Toys & Games

These cute mermaid erasers are scented and are the perfect return gift for a mermaid-themed kid’s birthday party. You can also make a goodie bag and throw in cute little items like these.

Peppa pig theme return gift ideas

Peppa pig coin bank

Peppa pig coin bank for kid's birthday party

Source-India –

This cute peppa pig bank has a metal body and comes in with a lock and key. This will teach the kids to save money. It is the perfect return gift for the kids.

Peppa pig puzzle set

Peppa pig puzzle set for kid's birthday party

Source- Amazon.

Puzzles are considered the best gifts due to their ability to increase a child’s concentration level. They are fun and educational at the same time.

Peppa pig water game

Peppa pig water game for kid's birthday party


These are fun and keep the kid busy. These days most of the kids usually sit around with mobile phones or tablets to play games. Gifting them these adorable and fun water games will keep them busy for hours and will decrease their screen time gradually.

Minion theme return gift ideas

Stationery gift pack

Stationery gift pack for kid's birthday party Toys & Games

Grab this ready-to-go minion-themed stationery set for the kids. It contains a ruler,2 pencils and an eraser, and a sharper, all of which are minion-themed.

Minion shaped pencil box

Minion shaped pencil box for kid's birthday party

These cute minion pencil boxes are easy to carry and contain 12 sketch pens in one case. These are easy to open and use.

Minion sling bag

Minion sling bag for kid's birthday party

These cute minion sling bags are the perfect return gift for your little minions. They have adjustable straps and are fancy. The kids can take this to school picnics.

Pirate theme return gift ideas

LED swords

LED swords for kid's birthday party

These amazing led swords perfectly go with your pirate theme. It also has the sound effect of a real sword.

Pirate theme custom mugs

Pirate theme custom mugs for kid's birthday party


These are customizable mugs. Go with a pirate theme and on one end get the names printed of your little pirates. This is a fun return gift and the kids are sure to love it.

Pirates eye patch

Pirates eye patch for kid's birthday party Home & Kitchen

Get these amazing and fierce pirate eye patches, as party favors for your cute little pirates. This will add a different look to the theme, make sure you smoothen the edges before giving it to the children.

Spiderman Theme Return Gift Ideas

Superhero cape and mask


Superhero cape and mask for kid's birthday party

Get your superheroes cape-ready for the party. Keep these in the photobooth corner or give away these as party favors to the kids.

Superhero push-in pencil

Superhero push-in pencil for kid's birthday party Toys & Games

Look at these cute superhero bobblehead pencils. These are the perfect return gift for the kids, they can take these superhero pencils to school to show their friends.

Spiderman disc launcher

Spiderman disc launcher for kid's birthday party

Grab these spider man disc launchers for the little superheroes.


This blog showed how you can easily organize a great party among other things, with a step-by-step description of everything from the checklist to the budget. But in the end, a Kid’s birthday is the most important day for the kids as well as the parents. To celebrate this day parents have to go through the tedious work of organizing and planning the entire party. In this mess, they can’t bond with their own child on their birthday. To avoid situations like this it is advisable to give the responsibility of this day to the hands of professionals who can beautifully come up with an outcome. Visit Celebratd and let their experts help you out!




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