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Top 11 Unique Princess Birthday Cake Ideas

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Princesses and fairy tales have always been a girl’s best friends. The huge castles, the pretty dresses, the adorable talking animals, and alas the handsome prince. Every girl grew up watching these cute fairy tales. It is often said that daughters worldwide are treated like princesses by their fathers. So Do you want to make your princess birthday cake memorable? Then you’ve come to the right place. Cause we’ve gathered a wide range of Princess birthday cake designs to help your little princess choose her dream fairytale cake.

Birthday is the most important day in any kid’s life. Moreover, they expect their parents and siblings to do everything to their liking that day. The centre of attraction of a party is the birthday boy/girl and the cake of course. Also today we have thousands of options to choose from, a wide range of cake designs, flavors, shapes, etc. Mentioned below are handpicked princess birthday cake designs for your perusal.

Also, refer to our recent blog on- The Ultimate Guide For Planning Your kid’s Birthday Party – Celebratd. This detailed blog has everything that you need to know for planning a good birthday party for your kids.

Cinderella birthday cake designs

Cinderella is a much-liked character. The story of Cinderella is known to every kid and adult. Also, many books, movies, and plays have been made based on the central theme of Cinderella.

So is your princess obsessed with the Cinderella theme? Then get her the most beautiful Cinderella cake ever! Mentioned below are 3 absolutely beautiful Cinderella cake designs.

Cinderella’s coach princess birthday cake


The perfect Cinderella cake for your little one. The carriage is just so beautiful and the detailing done on the wheels as well as the addition of the two tiny mice is just very amazing and fun to look at.

Hand-painted Cinderella cake Hand-painted Cinderella princess birthday cake

Source-Cinderella – Decorated Cake by Mischell – CakesDecor

Look at this beautiful Cinderella cake. The most amazing thing about this is that It is hand-painted. The golden crown and carriage add a lot of personality to the cake.

Cinderella shoe cake Cinderella shoe princess birthday cake


Everyone is well aware of the famous shoe fitting scene in Cinderella. To give it a more realistic look one can always go with a glass shoe on the top.

Rapunzel birthday cake

Who doesn’t know about Rapunzel and her long magical hair? Every kid and even adult are fascinated with this beautiful fairytale. It is fun to watch and has an amazing plot twist throughout the movie. Well if you’re kid is into the rapunzel theme, here are a few cake designs for your perusal.

The tangled cakeThe tangled princess birthday cake


 The concept behind this tangled cake is amazing and the flowers added to the hair holds significant meaning, from one of our favorite scenes in the movie.

The tower cakeThe tower princess birthday cake


I bet you remember this tower? Our princess was stuck in this for a long time. It represents the day she decided to be free. This is the perfect princess perfect birthday cake.

Lamp in the sky tangled cake Lamp in the sky tangled princess birthday cake


This beautiful cake represents the best part of the movie. The lamps in the sky looked absolutely amazing just like this cake.

Snow white birthday cake design

When you think of a snow-white-themed birthday, you think of glazed red apples, a beautiful snow-white cake, adorable talking birds and animals, oh, and the cute little dwarfs. Every time that one thinks of snow-white, it all just turns magical. So if your little one is obsessed with snow-white, then take a look at these amazing snow white themed birthday cakes.

Snow white story cake Snow white story princess birthday cake


This is the most perfect snow white story cake. It depicts the entire story of our beautiful snow-white.

Hand-painted snow-white cake

Hand-painted snow-white princess birthday cake


Look at this pretty hand-painted snow-white cake. The leaves and the stems add so much personality to the cake. And the apple on the top looks so realistic.

7 dwarfs cake 7 dwarfs princess birthday cake


Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. The little detailing on the cake is very cute and fascinating. This is the perfect cake for a snow-white-themed birthday party.

Frozen birthday cake designs

The ice queen that’s what we call her. Every kid loves this movie and the bond that the two sisters share is amazing -Elsa and anna.

The talking snowman Olaf is the favourite character. Olaf makes the movie even more lively. It all looks so magical and I hope you remember the scene where our ice queen-Elsa, made her beautiful glasshouse. Well, that was something new and magical. So is your kid a fan of our beautiful ice queen? If yes then mentioned below are a few frozen princess cake design methods.

The frozen princess cake design The frozen cake design


Take a look at this beautiful frozen princess cake. The white swirls represent the snow, the transparent pops with the snowflakes in them look so mesmerizing.

The frozen princess dress cake

The frozen dress princess birthday cake


This beautiful Elsa dress cake is to die for. The detailing on the dress with beautiful shades of blue is just amazing. Get your princess birthday cake and a frozen themed birthday party.

Elsa and anna frozen cake Elsa and anna frozen cake


This cake is designed keeping in mind the script of frozen princess cake-2. The beautiful autumn season mixed with the snow. This cake will be perfect for a Frozen-themed twin birthday party or for sisters.

Jasmine’s birthday cake design

It is The royal setup, the castles, the beautiful dresses and a great story that makes this theme a very popular one among kids and adults. Teal, purple, golden and blue- are the base colors of a jasmine-themed birthday party. Let us take a look at some amazing cake designs for your little princess.

Aladin’s magic lamp cake Aladin's magic lamp cake


Teal, purple and gold- the color palette of this cake are just amazing. The jasmine flower and the amazing golden lace detailing are just perfect. The magic lamp on top is shiny and looks very realistic.

The crown cake The crown cake

Source-Aladdin Cake Design Images (Aladdin Birthday Cake Ideas) (

This beautiful jasmine crown cake is very eye-catching. The glitter on the lower tier of the cake enhances the look of the cake, the perfectly painted jasmine on the middle tier. And the best part of the cake is the crown. The crown absolutely looks magical and real. The effort that has been put into the detailing of this cake is remarkable.

The genie cake The genie cake

Source-Aladdin Cake Design Images

Look at this magnificent genie cake. It is so well structured. It is the perfect cake for your jasmine themed birthday party!


Cakes play a very significant role in our lives. There’s no fun without it. Princess-themed birthday parties have always been the most famous ones. We hope that this blog helped you with the selection of your little princess’s birthday cake. Also, read our detailed blog on The Ultimate Guide For Planning Your kid’s Birthday Party – Celebratd.




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