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Try These 6 Baby Shower Props For Your Photoshoot

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Now that you have made up your mind about doing a maternity shoot, then it is also time to look closely into its every aspect. In the last blog, we’ve discussed how you can find an amazing photographer for your maternity shoot. Today in this blog we’ll talk about how props enhance the entire photography process. Here is everything that you need to know about baby shower props for your shoot!

Why do props play an important role?

Did you ever notice that most of the pictures these days have a prop in the shot? In photography props play a very important role, they are widely used for that extra “wow” moment in the picture. However, one must remember that they can either enhance the look of the entire shoot or just destroy it with its noticeable fakeness. One must always keep in mind to incorporate props that look natural. They can liven up your pictures to another level if used properly.

Basically, the main purpose of adding props in photography is to give it some sort of character and drama to the picture. You can put an amazing amount of energy and passion into a picture just by adding in a few props.

Here is what can props do to your picture:

  • They can add ambiance to your picture- It is sometimes difficult to add emotions when the person you’re shooting is a little camera shy. So in cases like these, a prop can set the ambiance and they also help in building feelings that are missing from the subject.
  • They can boost your client’s confidence- the client with you might get a little uncomfortable or conscious. So for situations like this, a well thought prop can go a long way. As without the props, the client is usually focusing on the camera or on you, so a prop can help distract them. Which results in a natural-looking picture.
  • They can add the right amount of humor to the picture- creating a humorous picture is no joke. It takes the right amount of effort and expression for a perfect shot. But sometimes they tend to overpower the expression this should not happen at all. Both the expressions and props must go hand in hand and stay balanced.

Types of props that can be used for a baby shower photoshoot

Though props are considered very helpful in creating masterpieces, many people are still very hesitant to use them. This is because of the developed editing tools that all of us have access to like photoshop. Discussed below are different types of props that you can use:

  • Store brought prop- Let your creative juices flow in as soon as you book a photographer. If you are in doubt of what props the photographer might give, then grab yours just in case you don’t like the outcome of the preplanned props. You can get various types of props at Amazon itself.
  • Handmade prop – If you were into art and craft then building your own props will be a super fun task. Think outside the box and make some amazing DIY props, you can refer to you-tube for thousands of amazing prop ideas for your photoshoot.
  • Everyday object prop – You can even use everyday objects like a phone or a laptop as a prop for your photoshoot. You cannot imagine what an everyday object as a prop can do. Moreover while shooting you will feel connected to the props and the pictures will automatically turn up natural.

6 Baby Shower props

Baby Onesies


Grab those cute onesies that you’ve gotten for your little one. This will depict your eagerness to welcome that little munchkin into this world.

Tiny Shoe Prop


You can use tiny boots to do the gender reveal or you can simply take a cute shot like the one shown in the picture above.

Umbrella Prop


You can also use a simple umbrella for your maternity photoshoot, This shot can only be mastered when the sun comes down. The shadow on the umbrella is just perfect and cute.



This bathtub is filled with milk and water, the flowers around are just perfect and match the outfit. The flower wreath ties the whole look together. It is a very calming picture that is gaining popularity amongst pregnant women who wants a maternity photoshoot.

Wings Props for Baby Shower


Take a look at this beautiful picture. The props i.e. the wings are just perfect, they have a flow and the dress completes the look. It is a very well conceptualized picture.

Color smoke Prop


You can do the gender reveal trick here, colored smoke is an excellent maternity shoot prop. It can be used in a number of ways. It can turn any picture magical and fun to look at.


Photography is about capturing beauty in every shot. So, the basic goal of any of the props mentioned above is to improve your pictures. One must use props to beautifully balance out their pictures. Props can have a very positive impact on the pictures, but it can only happen when we take out some time to think about the best ways to use these props. They are there to support the subject, but the most important thing is how the subject relates to the prop. Finding the right balance between the photographer the subject and the props is the perfect formulae for an extraordinary shot.



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Table of Contents

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