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What are Confetti Balloons?

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Confetti balloons have become a great add-on to any celebration, as it is not only limited to birthdays and baby showers but is also used in weddings these days or as cute cake toppers.

Confetti balloons have endless options because almost every scheme is available. It is your choice to put in one color, two colors, or to fit an entire rainbow! Moreover, They enhance the look of the entire place, it makes it colorful and fun. It is most popular among kids and during baby showers. It also has an element of surprise to it, especially during gender reveals at baby showers. So, mentioned below is everything that you ever need to know about these type of balloons.

What are confetti balloons made up of?confetti balloons

They are made up of normal transparent latex balloons or bubble balloons. However, it can also work with colour balloons as long as the function has an element of surprise like baby showers. There have been a lot of queries on how to make confetti at home, so mentioned below is a guide to making your own confetti at home

How to make your own confetti?

Are you thinking of using confetti balloons for your next event? Do you want to make your own customized confetti balloon? Follow the steps below

Step 1– For making your own confetti you will require a lot of colored paper. So, Grab different materials for it, like newspapers, magazines, plain colored papers, cardstocks, etc. The more variety and colors you have, the more unique your confetti will be.

Step 2-The next step would be to choose a method for making the confetti.

Method 1 (Cut it in strips)

How to make confetti balloons


For strip confetti, one can use color tissue as it is lightweight and floats very slowly when it pops which gives a perfect opportunity for an amazing click. Further, Fold your tissue paper and make long slits with scissors use different colored sheets and your strip confetti is ready to go.

Method 2 (Cut it tiny)

confetti balloons decoration


For making tiny confetti one must go for materials like ribbons or garlands, basically, any materials work here. Though this type of confetti takes up a lot of time, however, the end result is amazing and it looks like glitter when the balloon pops.

Method 3 (Grab a hole Punch )


This method works best with thick paper, like cardstock, etc. Also, this makes perfect round confetti, and its looks amazing. However, you will need a lot of patience for this one. Further a simple tip to make it more fun is to grab hole punches with different shapes, like a heart or a snowflake. In addition, You can find these shaped hole punches easily at amazon, click on the mentioned link to get yours! –Project Assorted Shapes – 4 Pcs Set Medium Size : Office Products

Method 4 (Rip it )

Source- (

It is the quickest and simplest way of making confetti, you require no tools for this one. Just rip papers to get your super easy confetti ready.

Step 3– After you’ve successfully made your homemade confetti, be ready to store it in a tin container of some sort. Do not keep it inside a plastic bag as it may stick and will be difficult to use when needed.

How to add confetti inside the balloons?

Now that you’ve made your own confetti at home, it’s time to fill in the balloons for the party!

Step 1– Grab a funnel to fill in your confetti. This is the simplest way to fill in your handmade confetti inside the balloons. It is usually recommended to go with transparent balloons so that the confetti is clearly visible. Take a funnel and put it in the mouth of the balloon carefully. If you apply too much force it may rip the ballon.

Step 2– Pour your confetti inside the funnel. First, push through small confetti so that they easily pass the funnel.

Step 3– For bigger confetti, you could push it through a pencil. Also, one more way would be to stretch the mouth of the balloons so that the confetti passes easily.

How to make the confetti stick inside the balloon?

Now after we’ve made our own confetti ballon at home, it is time to blow it up and see the magic. but how do we inflate a confetti balloon and how do make the confetti stick inside the balloon? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, just follow the steps mentioned below:

(With the help of helium)

Step 1-You must pre-inflate your balloon always with normal air, it creates static which allows the confetti to stick better.

Step 2– the next step would be to deflate the balloon and fill it with helium, You can keep the ratio of helium to air as 60/40. The air mixed with helium helps the confetti to stick better.

(Without helium)

Step 1-To make the confetti stick without helium one must create static from the outside. Inflate the balloon with and pump.

Step 2– take a woollen muffler or a sock and rub it on the ballon. This process will make the confetti stick inside the ballon.

Can HI-Float be used with Confetti Balloons?

  • Also, there has been a lot of confusion regarding using HI-Float in these balloons.S0, what is a HI-Float? It is a solution dissolved in water. It forms a coating inside latex balloons that reduces helium or air loss to a great extent. This means that the balloons stay inflated for a longer time. HI-Float is nontoxic and the biggest thing is that it is biodegradable.
  • The other question that arises is- Can we use HI-Float in these balloons? The answer is no, it results in creating a giant and sticky mess of your confetti.


We’ve shared a detailed guide on how to make your own confetti ballon at home. Also, there is plenty of information regarding the materials and some common questions that arise during this entire process. You can also visit at our website at Celebratd for gathering more information.



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