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What are Foil Balloons?

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While thinking of planning an event, food and entertainment are not the only things a person needs to think about. The decor also plays a very important role. Whether it’s a birthday or a wedding or an anniversary, people usually love to gather together and celebrate. After the guest list and the food menu, the most important thing next is the decoration. But choosing the decoration for events can be overwhelming. So the choice of using balloons for decoration at this point is the most simple way. There is no person who doesn’t like the bright popping colors of the balloons adorning the entire venue. Ballons come in various shapes and sizes and are super versatile. Moreover, there are various types of balloons like foil balloons, metallic balloons, LED balloons, etc.

Therefore it is true that no party is complete without a little pop of balloons. You could play around with different color combinations and structures. Hence in this blog today we talk about one of the most famous and versatile types of balloons-Foil balloons.

What are foil balloons made up of?

Balloons these days are made up of materials such as latex, rubber, or nylon fabric. They come in different colors. It is important to note that early balloons were made out of dried animals bladders. The first-ever balloon was invented by Michael Faraday.

Foil balloons are also known as mylar balloons. It is made up of nylon with a metallic coating. These balloons look like shiny silver metal when they are in their initial stage. However, as these balloons are for decorations, they come in the market with different designs and shapes.

Also, it must be kept in mind that genuine mylar balloons are made up of transparent plastic that contains zero metal. Mylar is actually just a brand name. These balloons are usually made of thin clear plastic called polyester resin.

How to inflate a foil balloon?

Traditional balloons such as latex balloons are very porous. But when we talk about foil balloons they are not porous, as a result, air does not leak out easily from them. They can stay inflated for weeks if sealed properly. There has been a lot of queries regarding the inflation of these balloons, today in this blog we will also give you a step-by-step guide on how to inflate a foil balloon at home.

Method 1 (Without any pump)

Step 1

how to find foil balloons


Locate the color tab at the button of the foil balloon. All foil balloons have a 1.5-2 cm opening at the bottom to easily blow up the ballon.

Step 2

foil balloons


When you locate the color tab separate the two-layer of plastic and insert a straw inside the opening. Insert the straw till you break the inner seal, you will feel the snap as you continue to insert the straw. This is the most crucial step, as people tend to mess things here which results in a damaged balloon.

Step 3-


Once the straw is in, make sure that you seal either side with your fingers so that air does not slip out.

Step 4


Once you seal the tip, start blowing air from the other end of the straw. Keep blowing air till the time when the balloon feels firm enough.

Step 5-


When your foil balloon is full of air, gently remove the straw and as you do that carefully pinch the seal, this ensures that the air stays in. When you manually fill a foil balloon it stays inflated for a month.

Mentioned below is the link to the Youtube video on- how to inflate a foil balloon.

Method 2 (Using a hand pump)

Step 1-

hand pump foil balloons


Locate the color tab at the bottom of the foil balloon. Choose a hand pump with a narrow tip, the narrower the tip the easier it becomes to insert the tip of the pump inside the color tab.

Step 2-


Slip the tip of the air pump between the two layers of plastic to fill the ballon.

Step 3-


Use your hand to pinch the end of the balloons tightly so that air doesn’t slip out. Slowly start pumping air into the balloon with your dominant hand.

Step 4-


Gently remove the tip of the pump and seal the balloon by pinching the tip as you carefully pull out the pump.

How to deflate a foil balloon?

How to deflate foil balloons

You can reuse a Foil balloon again and again if deflated properly and stored in a good condition. Mentioned below are a few steps that you need to follow to deflate foil balloons.

Source-Party Balloons Shop

1-Step-Find the color tab, slip the straw in between the two layers of plastic.

2-Step -Gently push the straw in till you hear a hissing sound

3-Step Press the balloon to expel the air through the straw. Once all the air is completely out, fold the foil balloon and store it in a convenient place so that you can use it again in the future for any events.

Mentioned below is the link to a youtube video on -How to deflate a foil balloon


Thanks for reading this guide on how to inflate and deflate a foil balloon. Please note that deflating a foil balloon and trying to reuse it, may not work always. But either way, these balloons add a lot of color and glitz to any of your celebrations, and are thus a must-have.

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Table of Contents

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